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Title: Variable Economies

Variable Economies provides the theme for the programme of works for
Multichannel 2010. The theme implies the current global economic downturn,
decreased availability of resources influenced by human intervention in the
natural environment, shifts in national and global political emphasis, and
formally in relation to the making of artist film and video.  For
Multichannel 2010 artists are invited to submit works for selection that
touch upon the themes of the programme in terms of the use of the
medium/material of film and video.

Multichannel is a screening programme of artists film and video, organised
and curated by ArtSway and SCAN in ArtSway?s galleries. The programme, which
previously took place at ArtSway in 2007 and 2008, will once again feature
both established practitioners, as well as ground breaking video works by
artists from across the UK, and around the world. This year we are pleased
to announce that Animate Projects will partner on Multichannel.
The selection panel for Multichannel 3 is: Gary Thomas, Co-director Animate
Projects; Helen Sloan, Director, SCAN; Peter Bonnell, Curator, ArtSway.
Criteria/ Format of works for selection: Please submit your work for viewing
on DVD. Should your piece be selected, we will ask you to supply your work
as raw uncompressed files preferably on MiniDV, uncompressed .mpg or .avi.
Duration: We will accept pieces of any duration but please be aware that the
screenings last up to 2 hours and shorter pieces will take preference. In
exceptional circumstances we may be able to consider one-off screenings of
longer pieces. Open to: artists of any age, in any part of the world,
working in the format of film or video.

Deadline for submitting works: Thursday 28 January 2010
Selection panel meets: Week beginning 8 February 2010
Notification of selection result: 26 February 2010
Exhibition of Multichannel 3 at ArtSway: 2 April - 11 April 2010
Contact and address to send work: Peter Bonnell, Curator, ArtSway, Station
Road, Sway, SO41 6BA, UK
For more information please contact Peter on +44 (0)1590 682260 (+4) or
email: peter at artsway.org.uk <mailto:peter at artsway.org.uk>

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