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e-artnow presents: Design Culture – Design research at the interface of science and societyDesign Culture – Design research at the interface of science and society

Ruedi Baur / 'No design without a process of transformation.'


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Design2context – Institute for Design Research
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MAS Design Culture 2010 - final deadline 28th February 
The part-time post-graduate program within the institute Design2context at the Zurich University of the Arts offers a unique trans-disciplinary context for research and study. (ECTS certificate, MAS degree)

Design Culture – Design research at the interface of science and society.

The international research laboratory is led by Ruedi Baur (Design), Stefanie-Vera Kockot (Cultural and Visual Studies) and Clemens Bellut (Philosophy) with Dr. André Vladimir Heiz (Design Theory and Semiotics). The MAS Design Culture explores and develops methods, discourses and strategies of critical design research and practice at the interface of science and society. It promotes a socially responsible stance in design and enables unbound critical reflection within an international forum, accompanied by intensive workshops, expert colloquia and lectures.

Ruedi Baur / 'No design without a process of transformation.'
Design Culture creates a forum for research into the theory and practice of design within a socio-political context. The course aims to develop a new culture of design. Design is seen as a visual practice developed from a particular context and a particular set of problems. It is the resulting transformations that determine the quality of the design. The research process itself opens up new fields of investigation, and theory and practice. Design Culture encompasses all possible forms of representation.

Clemens Bellut / 'Design has a visually public voice.' 
Design is a discipline that gives shape to society. Design Culture sees the designer 
as being deeply involved in social and political processes; as a mediator between client, user, and the public; as one who should give form to change. Design culture therefore sets out to create a socially responsive framework for individual action.

Stefanie-Vera Kockot / 'The user should not be seduced, but empowered.' 
Design Culture seeks to radicalise the designer's position. A critical reflection of each individual research project expands the field of possibilities – for both engagement and autonomy in design practice. 

Design as a generative discipline 
Design Culture encourages trans-disciplinarity : international guests work with the research participants every two weeks with programs of public lectures, workshops, colloquia and institutional partnerships. There are frequent crossovers and co-operations with the post-graduate programs within the institute Design2Ccontext – Civic City' (CAS) and „Multiplicity and Visual Identities' (CAS), as well as the unique opportunity to be actively integrated into the research projects of the institute.

Planned guests and lectures of the Design Culture Semester 2010 include :
Alain Findeli / Laurent Lacour / Emiliano Gandolfi / Lucia Babina / Carolin Emke / Sebastian Thierry / Jan van Heiswejk / Suad Amiry / Tom Holert / Chantal Mouffe / Teddy Cruz

Design Culture – for whom ?
The researchers come from a diverse inernational field of professional design disciplines: information and web designers, graphic and product designers, architects, journalists, art / linguistic / media theorists, sociologists, anthropologists.
Design Culture offers a conceptual space for research that accompanies professional careers. Research projects are embellished with methodological and practical teaching. Over 20 international students take part in intensive colloquia, public 'Salons de Recherche' and workshops for the 4 semester period. 

Further Information : designculture.zhdk.ch/

Conditions of admission 
Completed relevant studies within a creative discipline or related fields (such as design, art, architecture, cultural or fine art studies) or equivalent professional experience. 
Application and admission are possible for both spring and fall semesters.

Master of Advanced Studies in Design Culture 
certified with 65 ECTS-credits.

Course duration 
4 Semester (every two weeks, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays)

Course fees 
CHF 4,500 per semester; total course fees of CHF 18,000. 

Course Language 
German / English, / French

Primary language 

*The course is flexible and can be adapted to suit the linguistic weighting of attending students.

Institute's Current Postgraduate Studies (ECTS):

DesignCulture –
Master of Advanced Studies in Design Research, Zurich.

Civic City –
Postgraduate Programme on the Role of Design in the Social City, Zurich.

Multiplicity and Visual Identities –
Postgraduate Programme on Visual Identity, Amsterdam & Zurich.

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