[artinfo] Call for Contributions: Network Politics

Parikka, Jussi Jussi.Parikka at anglia.ac.uk
Tue Dec 28 16:44:39 CET 2010

in addition to recently circulated CFP for our Platform 
Politics-conference in May,

this is a Call for Contributions to our Network Politics-project, 
which attempts to probe key questions, thematics, theoretical and 
practical approaches to the question of "how is politics changing in 
the age of networks?" More specifically, the project maps new forms 
of political action - and such practices and ideas that have not even 
always been identified as political - and its entanglement with 
platforms, software, protocols, social media and related thematics.

Our so-called RFC section - in the spirit of Request for Comments 
format. Shortly described as part of our politics:

In the spirit of collaboration engendered by the early pioneers of 
the Internet the international advisors to the project will be 
writing short position statements on various aspects of network 
politics as they see it. We invite comments on these statements as a 
way of kick starting the project and developing the agendas that 
emerge for exploration and deliberation at the planned network 
events. The Request for Comments has emerged as a key method 
facilitating ideas and innovations in designing the Internet. How 
would this method work in terms of media theory? Join the discussion 
and the RFC streams that aim to elaborate "network politics"!

The initial position papers for the project are given by our advisory 
board and internationally leading theorists. Please read them, and 
continue the discussion with your input in terms of developing the 
conceptual and practical ideas regarding "what is network politics?".

We invite from writers, artists, activists and others short, 100-400 
word comments, continuations to discussion in order to create key 
insights of how we should think and do network politics -- a 
repository of ideas and practices for future discussions and projects.


If you would like to contribute, please get in touch with either Joss 
Hands (joss.hands at anglia.ac.uk ) and/or Jussi Parikka 
(jussi.parikka at anglia.ac.uk).

All best
Jussi and Joss

Dr Jussi Parikka
Director of CoDE: The Cultures of the Digital Economy-institute
Reader in Media Theory & History
Co-Director of Anglia Research Centre in Digital Culture (ArcDigital)
Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge (UK)

*Book news*: Insect Media: An Archaeology of Animals and Technology 
is out! Published by University of Minnesota Press:

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