[artinfo] contemporary art project asks your participation!

juan kasari juan.kasari at gmail.com
Wed Sep 30 01:33:50 CEST 2009

Temporary space - contemporary art project asks your participation! 
Simple, just take a photo.

Temporaryspace.org is a contemporary art project run by two Finnish 
artists, Jonna Johansson and Juan Kasari. Tourism, globalisation and 
consuming as a cultural phenomenon are the main subjects of the 

At the moment we are doing a big photo installation, which includes 
several hundreds of pictures of kebab restaurants around the world. 
We kindly ask you to take a photo (non professional snapshot) of your 
local kebab place (from outside) and send it to us. All the pictures 
will be part of the big installation and all the participants will be 
mentioned on <http://temporaryspace.org/>temporaryspace.org website.

Maximum size of photos 5mb.

<mailto:temporaryspaceproject at gmail.com>temporaryspaceproject at gmail.com

more info: 
<http://www.temporaryspace.org/>www.temporaryspace.org<mailto:temporaryspaceproject at gmail.com>


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