[artinfo] Fwd: [trim] Nous croulons sous les ?uvres (We are weighed down by works of art!)

Sári Stenczer stenczer at gmail.com
Mon Nov 23 16:45:15 CET 2009

We are weighed down by works of art!

"Their present-day number, which is practically infinite, already greatly
exceeds our capacity for assimilation. Regardless, new ones are created
everyday. How can we avoid contributing to this proliferation, without
relinquishing the possibility of producing effects on the real? How can we
progress without increasing?" Jean-Baptiste Farkas

1 685 740 works of art are produced per day in the world.
19.51 works of art are produced per second in the world.

These statistics are available online at http://jbf.biennaledeparis.org

Statistics produced by Caroline Keppi.
E-mail : caroline.keppi[AT]biennaledeparis.org


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