[artinfo] 8th International Kansk Video Festival

Maxim Kuzmin maxim at longarms.ru
Mon May 18 23:50:15 CEST 2009

Dear friends and colleagues,

you have ONE MORE WEEK till the extended deadline of the 8th 
International Kansk Video Festival to send us your latest innovative, 
experimental works. 
New deadline is May 25, 2009. Post address: P.O.184, box 35, Moscow 
115184, Russia. Only shorts are accepted to the festival. Maximum 
length is 30 minutes. For the complete Festival Rules, as well as for 
Online Entry Form please visit our web-site 

With best regards,
Festival Committee

Videodom Studio
Bolshoy Ovchinnikovskiy lane 24, build 5
Moscow 115184
videodom at gmail.com

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