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Call for contributions: ***LANGUAGE***

PLOTKI - the Central and Eastern European magazine is looking for

rumours about LANGUAGE to be published in the upcoming edition of its

on-line magazine www.plotki.net - we welcome your original text,

visual and multimedia contributions.


"Language may be for communication, but it's also for revelry"

Calling all language buffs, all non-language buffs, all buff language

buffs and all non-buff language buffs......

to contribute to the online roumors of PLOTKI April issue ~ Language

DEADLINE: March 20

Seeking text as well as graphic and other media-based submissions

revolving around the theme of language.


Are Eastern European languages more difficult to learn than Western

European languages or is it just a matter of perspective?

Are Eastern European languages sexier?

Is there a common thread? (Pan-slavs might wish to show some restraint)

If English is less widely spoken in Eastern Europe, how does it affect

the experience of travel throughout the region?

How does communication through language differ in Eastern Europe from

that of other cultures? Is more expressed or less expressed through

the same number of words used in, say, Belorussian, than in Dutch?

Language and cultural preeminence: Am I the only one who is bothered

that Polish, Czech, etc are usually listed only after German and

French on consumer packaging? Or that Austrian trains travelling to

Hungary list notices in English, French and Spanish, but not Magyar?

Any other articles focusing on the history, culture, philosophy,

psychology or literature of languages around the block (minority

languages too! Think Yiddish, Esperanto, etc.) will be very welcome

for this issue.

A special award will go to anyone who can use 10 Eastern European

languages in one single poem or prose submission!

Articles and abstracts are possibly very welcome in your own language

as well. Please get in touch.

Thank you and please pass this on to potential submissive submitters

please write to: language_issue at plotki.net

Justin Hyatt and Katarzyna Pabijanek


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PLOTKI is a project from around the bloc

PLOTKI encourages rumour hunting across Central and Eastern Europe

PLOTKI is interested in original reports, interviews, stories,

research, that cannot be found in other media

And PLOTKI brings together writers, photographers and graphic artists

from Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe.

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