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CALL FOR PAPERS____________________________________________________
 IV MOBILEFEST 2009 - International Festival of Mobile Art and Creativity in
 São Paulo, Brazil.
 Call for Papers, Projects, Prototypes and Products.
 How can mobile technology contribute to democracy, culture, art,
 environment, peace, education, health and the Third Sector?
 3g, mobile applications, interactive architecture, electronic art,
 mobile activism, bluetooth, cyber culture, live cinema, mociology,
 culture, democracy, inclusion design, ecology, education, d-i-y, gprs,
 gps, LBS, innovation, mobile and wireless games, lbs, locative,
 geotagging, electronic music, mobile music, m-health,_m-payment,
 m-gov, mobile narrative, peace, interactive net performances with
 mobile and wireless devices, interchange, video production and
 distribution, augmented reality, open wireless, mesh, social nets,
 rfid, expanded classroom, health, sms, mobile streaming, wearable
 technolgies, tendencies, third-sector, citizen video, video call, TV
 on mobile, wi-fi, wi-max, zigbee, etc.
 This seminar attracts leading academics, researchers and other
 serious-minded people engaged in the pursuit of knowledge related to
 mobile technology. Mobilefest seeks papers for live presentation.
 For the participation at the exhibition with interactive
 installations, performances or urban interventions send a detailed
 technical rider: installation plan, photos, video and complete
 activism, art and technology, democracy, digital divide, ecology and
 e-waste, games and behavior, inclusive design, innovation, locative
 media, licensing, m-government, m-learning, mobile art, mobile
 marketing, mobile music, network culture, new forms of distribution,
 performance, rfid, video mobile production, wearable technology,
 wireless cities.
 Papers should be of an academic or serious research nature.  Papers
 should address current topics of direct relevance to Mobilefest's
 theme. Abstracts should be at least 500 words.
 Final papers should be at least 1000 words long, and authors should be
 prepared to deliver a presentation limited to 45 minutes.
 Papers may be written in Portuguese, Spanish or English.
 Abstracts and final papers should be sent as email attachments in
 .TXT, .RTF, .DOC or PDF format.
 Presentations must be delivered in Portuguese or English.
 Presentations will be limited to 45 minutes total.
 Abstracts must be received no later than 15th July 2009.
 Abstracts will be selected for presentation by 15th August 2009.
 Notification will be made via this website, as well as to the
 applicant's listed contact email.
 Registration must be received by 15th July 2009.  Please submit the
 following information via email to 2009 at mobilefest.org:
 Author's Full name:
 Email address:
 Optional 2nd email address:
 Postal address:
 Postal Code:
 Landline telephone number:
 Mobile number:
 (Optional) University/Organisation/Company:_
 Abstract Category (Please mark all that apply):
 ____Third Sector
 ____All **
 ** MOBILEFEST is a transdisciplinary event.
 The more interconnection of information, the better.
 Short biography of principal author:
 Abstract (minimum 500 words):
 CALL FOR VIDEOS____________________________________________________
 IV MOBILEFEST 2009 - International Festival of Mobile Art and Creativity in
 São Paulo, Brazil.
 Call for mobile videos 2009
 Mobilefest International Mobile Video Exhibition
 17th to 28th September 2009
 MIS – Museum of Image and Sound (Museu da Imagem e do Som) Sao Paulo,
 THEME: How can mobile technology contribute to democracy, culture,
 art, environment, peace, education, health and the Third Sector?
 Mobilefest Call for Mobile Videos has a cultural emphasis and, thus,
 is not competitive by design.  We seek the very best content possible
 to share broadly with our participants and via mobile technologies.
 The 2009 Call for Mobile Video is for professional
 filmmakers/videographers (writers/producers/directors), as well as
 amateurs (people that do not make their primary living in the
 film/video business). Mobilefest also seeks participation and
 contribution from artists, researchers and developers actively engaged
 in discovering new possibilities for uses of mobile media.
 Today, several initiatives by non-governmental organizations (NGOs),
 universities, media centers, companies, governments and regular
 citizens all over the world use the new mobile technologies to promote
 democracy, culture, art, the environment, peace, education, health and
 the Third Sector.  Mobilefest International Mobile Video Exhibition
 will screen selected narrative, documentary and experimental
 film/videos that support these.
 Films and videos submitted should relate to one or more of the stated
 Mobilefest general theme categories (democracy, culture, art, peace,
 the environment, education, health, and the Third Sector). Video about
 the environment is separately considered.
   1. Professional Submissions
 Mobilefest seeks films/videos that may be narrative, documentary or
 experimental in nature, provided they relate to democracy, culture,
 art, peace, education, health and the Third Sector.  They must be
 suitable for viewing on a small format, although they need not have
 been shot using mobile technology.  Running time is not restricted.
 Films/videos can be independent, studio produced, or corporate
 Submissions must be professionally produced/directed and may be
 submitted either by the writer, director or producer(s).  Videos
 should have been completed during the previous year, although
 exceptions will be allowed with advance permission from Mobilefest
 organizers.  Previously submitted entries may not be resubmitted.
   2. Amateur Submissions
 Citizen filmmakers and videographers unite!  Submit your creations
 that were made either using your mobile phone, or made for watching on
 a mobile.  Whether telling a story or documenting something, you can
 submit your video as long as it relates to any of the themes of
 A significant aspect of Mobilefest is its commitment to screen
 informative and consciousness-raising digital content (shot either by
 professionals or amateurs around the world) that encourages the
 mobilization of everyone to protect and preserve our planet for
 generations to come.
 Mobilefest calls on all mobile users around the world – professional,
 amateur, citizen journalists, etc. – to mobilize for the protection of
 the environment by sending noteworthy videos of the environment from
 their mobiles or computers.  In addition to images that may reveal
 lack of respect towards our Earth – like illegal cutting of trees,
 water pollution, wild animal smuggling, or other irregularities –
 Mobilefest also seeks videos that show the beauties of nature to draw
 attention to what future generations will miss if we don’t take action
 now to preserve and protect Mother Nature.
 - Only the rightful owner of material may submit it.  Material may not
 be submitted by third parties on behalf of anyone else.
 - Submissions may include fiction and non-fiction films/videos that
 reflect the issue of environmental protection.
 - Submissions need not be professionally produced or directed.
 - Special attention will be given to documentary footage – either
 professional, amateur or citizen journalist – that captures
 environmental mistreatment.  If       your video documents acts being
 committed against the environment, please include date, approximate
 time and place of shooting, and total running time of the video.
 Mobile and wireless technologies are making it possible for artists of
 all kinds to stretch the boundaries of their creativity.  Mobilefest
 encourages producers, developers and artists to explore their
 imagination in search of new artistic expression that uses current
 technology and hints at future possibilities for content production
 and distribution.
 Mobilefest Festival seeks artwork, video and mobile-related creativity
 that incorporates such technologies as GPS; 3G/4G access; music;
 wi-fi; scanning; video calls; micro-blogging; picture and video
 messaging; new applications; localized content; real-time image
 processing and recognition; augmented or mixed reality; streaming
 video sharing; and mobile TV.
 We are looking for innovative and unique submissions that defy easy
 categorization or prerequisites, so if you have something you believe
 we should include, please send us a brief description (up to 500
 words) of your project or digital artwork and then we will contact
 Please send your email to videos2009 at mobilefest.org, ATTN: Paulo
 Hartmann and Marcelo Godoy, and include the phrase NEW MEDIA
 POSSIBILITIES in the subject line.
 >From its very beginning in 2006 Mobilefest has built an international
 network of festivals that involve content production created by or for
 mobile applications. Our goal is to share with the Brazilian audience
 what others are doing concurrently around the world, and to present an
 expressive exhibition of the extraordinary emerging mobile video
 Universities, media centers, cultural associations or companies that
 have produced or curated festivals about videos created for or by
 mobiles are encouraged to participate.  We will work closely with
 foreign embassies and cultural centers of your country of origin so
 that the organizer/representative of your festival also can
 participate in Mobilefest International Seminar.
 Mobilefest receives extensive media coverage throughout Brazil.  The
 festivals represented will be included in Mobilefest’s official
 programme and have their logos published in the official catalogue.
 Past international festivals represented have included:
 •       Mobifest Canada
 •       Pocket Shorts
 •       Pocket Films (France)
 •       Arte Mov
 •       Microfilmes
 •       The 4th Screen
 •       FilMobile (UK)
 •       MobilityFest (Colombia)
 To participate in the Exhibition of Mobile Festivals
 We request that you send us, by email, some background information
 about your festival, as well as a representative clip-reel of up to
 1-hr. that characterizes the content and nature of your unique
 festival.  Please see technical specifications below.
 Please send your email to videos2009 at mobilefest.org,
 ATTN: Marcelo Godoy and Paulo Hartmann, Mobilefest organizers, and
 include the phrase SHOWCASE OF FESTIVALS in the subject line of your
 All submissions are due no later than 15th July 2009
 Selections for screening will be announced on 15th August 2009, via
 this website and the registered director/producer also will be
 informed via email.
 Registration fee: Free
 Registration should be sent by email to videos2009 at mobilefest .org,
 with the word REGISTRATION in the subject line, with the following
 Director’s (Producer’s) Full name:
 Email address:
 Optional 2nd email address:
 Postal address:
 Postal Code:
 Landline telephone number:
 Mobile number:
 Description (maximum 200 words):
 Video Category (Please mark all that apply):
 ____Third Sector
 Short biography of submitting writer, director or producer:
 If dialogue is not in Portuguese, English or Spanish, please include
 subtitles in one of these languages.
 Acceptable formats for all video submissions
 Digital: 3GP, MPEG2, AVI, MOV
 Can be up to 5Mb, with minimum resolution 128 x 96 pixels and maximum
 resolution 720 x 480 pixels.
 (Non-digital) Physical:
DVD, DV, Mini-DV, must be NTSC format.
 Videos should be accompanied by the following information:
 •       A brief description (max. 200 words)
 •       Technical information (including total running time; year shot);
 •       Whether or not video has been broadcast and if so, where/when;
 •       Names of primary production crew.
 Please submit this descriptive information as an email attachment in
 .RTF, .DOC or PDF format.
 Additionally, please include three (3) stills from the video in JPEG
 (640 x 480 pixels), no compression, from 100kb to 500kb, with 200 dpi
 Videos up to 5 MB should be sent to: videos2009 at mobilefest.org
 Videos up to 50MB can be sent to mobilefestfestival at gmail.com
 Videos over 50MB must be sent on physical media (DVD, DV, Mini- DV,
 NTSC-only), to the following address:
 R. Helena, 280, cj. 1107
 Sao Paulo – SP – Brazil
 CEP 04552-050
 ATTN: 50 MB+ video
 You must send your submission with some sort of tracking or return
 receipt (or proof of signature) to verify our receipt.  Mobilefest
 cannot be responsible for materials that never arrive. Materials will
 not be returned.  DO NOT SEND YOUR ONLY COPY!!!
 All materials sent will become part of Mobilefest’s permanent video
 collection.  You consent to its possible use in conventional or
 digital media, advertising and/or promotional materials for
 Mobilefest, or at any venues related to Mobilefest, including but not
 limited to school concerts, university functions, and social
 gatherings.  In such instances where any recognizable portion of your
 video is used, Mobilefest will make best efforts to give credit to the
 writer, director or producer who originally submitted the material.
 Please email us at videos2009 at mobilefest.org
 Important: Registrations will be considered complete and valid only
 when the festival receives the emailed registration form and
 corresponding DVD or video file (or physical entry).  Registration
 forms must be submitted electronically.  You may send an additional
 hard copy of your registration with a physical entry for
 identification purposes, but you must submit your official
 registration electronically.
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