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Post-Crunch Futures: A Mute Fiction Special

By Hari Kunzru, Benedict Seymour & Laura Oldfield Ford

Rarely has early 21st century existence felt as epic, as fictional, as it
did in September 2008 when the Lehman collapse triggered an avalanche of
ficticious value destruction and often dystopian speculation over the
future. As is typical with such Events, all threads which previously
seemed disconnected start to weave together into a single fabric, or in
this case perhaps rope is more apt - one which mankind seemed to be
winding round its neck. The switchback from the pomposity and vigour of
boom to the economic, cultural and energy void of bust was dizzying,
captivating, addictive. Why fight the urge towards headlong speculation
over our future, when the future seemed to be moving towards us like a
breaking wave, leaving certainties upended in its wake? Mute has embraced
the momentum, and commissioned a series of short fictional pieces over the
post-crunch future. Half wincing, half swaggering in their exploration of
imminent techno-capitalist realities, this issue's crop by writers - Hari
Kunzru, Laura Oldfield Ford and Benedict Seymour - seem to generate sick
scenarios of control, destruction and decadence quite effortlessly out of
the present. All reinforce the feeling that our current version of
?normality' is running out of road...


For all the stories: http://linkmeto.it/tdfy


Fill Your Life With Win!

By Hari Kunzru

Top tips for lulzy living with Serena Mimsy-Borogrove, our resident teen
success coach and lifestylist:



Creativity's Rainbow

By Benedict Seymour




By Laura Oldfield Ford

The pathways of the heath were carved from stone, little labyrinths in the
dry stonewall, mosses and lichens, brooks carving out pathways on the
woodland floor. Fungi livid in oranges and reds burst through the muted
carpet of grey and burnt umber.


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