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Please find the call for proposals for the next exhibiton FSPACE 4 on Paris.

FSPACE4 2009 
Take Over the WHOLE Trianon theatre

F Space 4
Continuing with the concept introduced 3 years ago, FSPACE 4 a site-specific exhibit presenting projects conceived for this event.

During the last 3 years, the concept of exhibition FSPACE gathered more than 23 contemporary artists come from Russia, from Austria, from the Lebanon, from the United States, from Spain, from Italy, Norway, from Germany, from France, by suggesting discovering their videos, installations, performances, original drawings. FSPACE becomes attached to the incidence of the question of gender and the feminism within contemporary artistic practice.

In the absence of pre-determined exhibition spaces or themes, projects for F_SPACE can go anywhere within the Trianon, including its interstices and out-of-the-way or unexpected spots. In this way, projects will establish themselves outside the norms of traditional art “hang-ups”.  
All entries should take the space and its architecture into account as physical components in order to transform it as a vital space. Considering the theatre’s historical status, no nails or any other method of hanging or displaying art that would affect or mark the walls or structure in any way can be taken into consideration. All projects must include their own method of display.
The exhibit aims to transform festival-goers’ gaze and relationship to art by inserting them into a time and space made of encounters, walking by, waiting and wandering… It is intended as an infiltration space.
All projects proposed must be site specific for the space within the Trianon Theatre. They may not disturb the requirements of the Festival (the flow of festival-goers and organizers entering and exiting the lobby and theatre, purchasing and tickets, accessing the restaurant, toilets and kitchen must remain safe and practical...) or alter the physical structure of the building (no nails, no holes, no picture rails...) Therefore, each artist must provide her own method of installation.  
For international or no-parisian projects, installation advice can be provided by the committee.

The Festival (FIFLFP)
On the occasion of the 21th International Lesbian & Feminist Film Festival of /(“Quand les lesbiennes se font du cinema”/ October 30th - November,3, 2009), Le Trianon, (a legendary Parisian theatre) will be transformed for 4 days into the site of a cultural event that is unique in Europe, focusing on  lesbian and feminist cinema and art. 
Every year, the Festival offers the French première of more than 70 films from around the world, providing a singular and innovative overview of issues related to female homosexuality and the condition of women around the world. 
The non-profit organization Cineffable, which organizes the Festival, aims in this way to promote audiovisual and cinematographic production by women. For 21 years now, the Festival has incarnated a unique moment in Europe, dedicated to lesbian and feminist culture from around the world. For the occasion, the Trianon is entirely taken over by this event, which is women-only in order to provide a privileged moment for addressing and debating issues. 

Alongside the films, the Trianon’s become the focal point for discussions, lesbian organizations, stands, and a restaurant/bar. The F_SPACE exhibit is one more component of the festival.

Rules for participating
Your entry must include:
-    a description of your project (included images, video, drawings...)
-    a text explaining your artistic concept
-    a brief biography (in a few lines) 
-    Entryform ( download on www.cineffable.fr)

Taking into account the limited space available, the selection committee will choose projects in a way that will maximize visibility for each work. 
We clarify that the selection value artists' works women.

The committee guarantees to inform the media (national and international specialized and niche media) about the F_SPACE exhibit.


Commission Exposition FSPACE
37 avenue Pasteur
93100 Paris
fspace at cineffable.fr

More infos : http://www.cineffable.fr


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