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SCCA, Center for Contemporary Arts-Ljubljana


No. 7/2008

Ljubljana, May 26, 2008 


BANG &#8211; Can&#8217;t manage without Artservis!

Artservis (www.artservis.org) is a web-based media and a vital information
resource of arts and culture, based on Creative Commons licence policy and
free public access. Since 2001 it has been collecting, organizing and
disseminating obtainable data and offering artists and cultural operators the
up-to-date information on funding sources, educational programs and
participation opportunities focused on art and culture. 

In its seven years of operation, it has become an indispensable tool for
international co-operation in the field of arts and culture &#8211; a reliable and
referential media not only for the individual cultural workers, and
non-governmental organisations but also for public institutions, foreign
cultural centres and foundations, consulates and embassies as well as numerous
governmental services (in Slovenia and abroad). 

Despite its evident significance and efficiency, Artservis has always been
confronting a lack of understanding from state and international founding
sources and has not succeeded in getting a more stable financing mechanism.
This situation has reached its culmination in 2008, after a gradual yearly
backdrop of  its activities due to insufficient funding and other unfavourable

Initiative of Artservis users for its protection is asking you to sign the
on-line petition and support Artservis:



Thank you. 



Center for Contemporary Arts 

Metelkova 6, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia


phone: 00 386 1 431 83 85

fax: 00 386 1 430 06 29

contact person: Dusan Dovc

e-mail: info at scca-ljubljana.si


SCCA-Ljubljana is a member of Asociacija, the association of non-government
organisations and independent creators in the field of culture and art in

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