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   The fifth edition of the int   KunStart, will take place in Bolzano from the 22nd to the 25th of May.
   In the capital of South Tyrol, 80 galleries from 15 countr   opening of the new Museion and a wide selection of surrounding   mark a long weekend full of art.

   Pictured in the photos: Stills of "KunStart on Second Life" (Ku   nStart is the first fair in the world on Second Life) - realized by

   On Thursday,   weekend rich in    begins at 6 p.m. with a preview for col   have the opportunity to view the different wo   galleries from 15 countries. At 8 p.m., the traditi   begins with action and music painting, a buffet and spe   Friday, May 23rd, is dedicated to the professionals. At 6 p.m.,    Francesco Bonami will present his book "Lo potevo fare anch'io.    Perché l'arte contemporanea è davvero arte" ("I could have done
   On Saturday,   by KSV Kruege   transparent and a   parts, due also to the    across the banks of the Ta
   For the open   e corpo collett   collective body' is conceived as an exceptional event for the openin   g and will gather numerous works from the Museion collection,
   including   collectors   museums. The show di   contemporary visual ar   architecture and dance perfor   performances, film and conferences will add to the events. Among   other exhibitions, the show "Vote for Women" organized by Kunst M   erano Arte (curated by Anne Schloen) is to be recommended. It presents
      to    works b   Forouhar,    Adrian Piper, Pipi
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   <   FONT-FAM   stopover at    landscape" by th   dialogue between t   Furthermore, the opulent permane   protagonists De Chirico, Carrá, Morandi, <   w:st="on">Fontana, Pop Art artists Warhol and Lichtenstein and
   international contempo   Walker is highly recommendabl
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   <   FONT-FAM   protagonist remains    fashion also by KunStar   art. The fair, however, h   contemporary art and has continously s   growing success while becoming an ideal la   galleries and young, newly emerging artists.

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   <   FONT-FAM   will present    of age, attempti   catalogued yet. Fur   acquire artworks at low pri   to the most important collections.
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   <   FONT-FAM   events, one ma   Festival will be takin   "Fashion VIP in Tour" with    collaboration with Fashion TV at the   23rd, or the "KunStart pARTy" on Saturda   Piazza Domenicani featuring DJ Spankox and   performance by Stefano Cagol (presented by the   the KunStart).

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   <   FONT-FAM   KunStart (at the    include an invitation   vernissage. However, it is ad   accomondation since hotels in Bozen seem to    further information please call 0039 0471 51 62 10 or   [2]www.kunStart.it.


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