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      Hoger Instituut voor Schone Kunsten / Higher Institute for Fine Arts
      Charles de Kerchovelaan 187a
      B-9000 Gent
      Phone: +32473895525
      Fax:  +3292696770
      Contact: Isabel Devriendt
      isabel.devriendt at hisk.edu


      Deadline submission application: September 5, 2008 
      HISK - Higher Institute for Fine Arts - Ghent

      Advanced Studies & Practice-based Research in Visual Arts

      The Higher Institute of Fine Arts (HISK) provides postgraduate education in Flanders in the field of the visual arts. Approximately twenty-five young artists from Belgium and abroad are given a studio of their own for the duration of two years, along with appropriately specialized guidance.

      Emphasis is given to individual practice with an international focus. The visiting lecturers are crucial within this system. Artists, curators, critics and theoreticians pay individual studio visits at regular intervals. There are also frequent trips to significant art events as well as readings, master classes, seminars and workshops. The HISK also offers technical facilities and production opportunities. Thanks to the unique HISK concept, the participants are given every opportunity to seriously invest in critical research around their work and situate it within a broader artistic, cultural and social context.

      At the end of the two-year working period, the participant receives a certificate of 'HISK Laureate'. 

      The HISK is officially recognized as a higher educational institute and is financed by the Flemish Community (the Ministry of Education) and is supported by the City of Ghent.

      Since 1997, 136 laureates have graduated from the HISK. Most of them are currently building up successful careers as professional artists in Belgian and abroad. 

      From April 2007 onwards the HISK is housed in the Leopold Barracks in Ghent. Spread over various buildings, it disposes over 30 studios (varying between 40 and 80 m2), a multi-media lab, workshops for, among other things, wood and metal work, an exhibition space, administrative spaces, a conference room, a library and various facilities (such as a kitchen, cafeteria, internet-corner) for the candidate-laureates.

      The HISK is located at the edge of the Citadel Park, at walking distance from Ghent main station (Sint-Pieters Station) and the city centre. It is moreover located at a central point in the City of Ghent's so-called cultural kilometer. Immediate neighbours are the SMAK (the Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art), the Museum of Fine Arts, Kunsthall Sint-Pietersabdij, the City Museum (STAM), the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy of Ghent University and the Department of Fine Arts of University College Ghent. 

      As a city of knowledge and culture, Ghent is one of the most lively student cities in Flanders and has a fascinating cultural and artistic climate. 

      Applications for candidates

      Artists who have already obtained a Masters degree in Fine Art or an equivalent qualification are eligible to apply to the HISK. Exceptions can be made for applicants who do not have a Master degree in Fine Art but display a high level of development, motivation and artistic affinity. This is decided on the basis of an interview in which an applicant's experience, professional or otherwise, is discussed.

      A diverse group of artists who are able to work together as a community are chosen each year. All young practitioners selected for the program are believed to share a common potential for growth. 

      The admission committee is composed of international visiting lecturers from a variety of backgrounds. They make a pre-selection from the submitted portfolios and the candidates who make it through are invited for an interview regarding their motivations and expectations. After a period of evaluation and careful consideration, the committee then makes a decision as to whether the applicant is suitable.

      The conceptual and visual qualities in the works submitted by applicants are considered to be more important than style, material or technique. Participants are expected to have a strong commitment to conducting critical research within their respective fields of interest. At the same time, they should aim towards locating their practice within a broader perspective of social and cultural environments. Candidates are also expected to make a contribution to the activities of the HISK as a whole. This interaction is seen to be an important forum of exchange and development.

      Basic criteria for assessment are: 

      • The quality of the submitted work
      • Evidence of a potential to explore various aesthetic possibilities
      • The degree to which the work distinguishes itself from overt influences 
      • The coherence of the body of work 
      • The social/political relevance of the work 
      • The quality of presentation in the submitted portfolio (both text and images) 
      • Motivation for choosing the HISK
      • Willingness to be involved in the HISK program and ability to set aside time for this 
      • Ability to speak about your work and thinking around it 
      • The potential to grow within the HISK program, both on an artistic and a personal level 
      • Evidence of sufficient maturity to be able to work independently 

      Each year between 12 and 14 candidate laureates are admitted. 

      Application candidatures 2009-2010

      Please send the following:

      1. Information: 

      • A completed application form (see: www.hisk.edu) 
      • 4 recent passport photographs (with your name on the back) 
      • A copy of your ID card or passport 
      • A detailed Curriculum Vitae including a list of exhibitions, grants, scholarships, awards, commissions, etc
      • Catalogues and / or texts describing your artistic work (optional)
      • Your personal motivation and work plan (in English, max. 20 lines) 
      • Maximum 3 letters of recommendation (optional)

      2. Presentation / portfolio: 

      • A file with maximum 20 (color) prints and Power Point presentation or pdf-file on CD (Mac compatible), along with clear notations stating title of work, medium, measurements and date and short description
      • Films and videos: max. 5 on DVD (if possible, a DVD with menu)

      File to be sent to

      HISK / Higher Institute for Fine Arts.
      Charles de Kerchovelaan 187a
      9000 Gent - Belgium

      Deadline submission: September 5, 2008

      An international jury will make their selection in September 2008. Applicants who have not been selected can collect their documents at the HISK's administration office on conclusion of the admission procedure. Documentation of selected candidates will be archived in the HISK's records. 

      As careful as the HISK may be in handling the documentation submitted, we cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage. 

      The first working year starts on January 1, 2009 and ends on December 31, 2009.

      The registration fee

      The registration fee for 2009-2010 is 1000 euro per year (+ a single deposit of 300 euro). Health insurance is not included in the registration fee. The registration fee (and the deposit) must be paid before the start of the working year. 

      The Higher Institute of Fine Arts offers a studio, work places and instructive guidance. There are no scholarships or residencies available. Living costs are the participants' responsibility. 

      Foreigners have to arrange all necessary paperwork to obtain their official residency permit.

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