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Fri Feb 22 17:45:55 CET 2008

Dear All,

The Center for Arts and Culture and the Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy, CEU in cooperation with Maja and Reuben Fowkes cordially invite you to the 

Symposium on Sustainability and Contemporary Art: Exit or Activism?
at CEU Auditorium (Budapest, V., Nádor u. 9.) 
12,30 - 6 p.m., February 29, Friday, 2008


This symposium investigates the current state of thinking about sustainability in the light of the continuing mutations of post-Fordist global capitalism and its devastating effects on the environment, society and the individual. The axis of discussion will revolve around the strategic possibilities for resistance offered by tactical withdrawal versus relentless activism through contemporary art. On the one hand, the dilemma gives rise to a conscious decision to slow down, decline to participate, to seek a way out, or ‘exit’ as envisioned by Paulo Virno, or on the other, there is a passion to overcome political exhaustion and confront head on rampant injustice, environmental degradation and lack of liberty. 

For booking information and to reserve your place at the symposium please email Alan Watt watta at ceu.hu Please note that although there is no booking fee, reservation is required.


REHAB Exhibition
Labor Gallery
February 29 - March 26 2008
REHAB is a refuge where we can hide when we want a break from contemporary lifestyles and the damaging influence they have on our mental and physical well-being. In a system in which we're constantly obliged to be socially responsible, in the moments when we want a rest from continuous pressure to conform to social norms, REHAB is an emergency exit. REHAB is also a state of mind, a decision to press pause and unwind, a refusal of ideological conditioning and a rejection of the slavery of political engagement, a shrugging off of the burden of social responsibility and responsible socialising. REHAB purifies us and offers a chance to refresh and recharge our creative energies. The participating artists are Ivan Ladislav Galeta (HR), Csaba Nemes (HU), Amanda Dunsmore (IRL), Rudolf Pacsika (HU), Denis Kra*kovi* (HR) and Balázs Beöthy (HU). The curators are Maja and Reuben Fowkes. For more information see the gallery website: http://www.labor.c3.hu/ 

Emmanuel Danesch - Film Screening "Livesafelyineurope"
Kisterem Gallery 8pm 29 February 2008

You are very welcome!

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