[artinfo] Belgrade: nationalists break up Pristina artists' exhibition

richard de boer risjaar at tiscali.nl
Fri Feb 8 12:14:02 CET 2008

Nationalists break up Pri”tina artists exhibition
8 February 2008 | 10:10 | Source: B92


BELGRADE -- Members of Obraz broke up the opening 
of an exhibition of works by Pri”tina artists in 
Belgrade last night.

Some 300 members of the Obraz nationalist 
movement gathered outside the Kontekst gallery in 
Kapetan Mi”a Street, where the exhibition 
entitled "Retreat" was scheduled to open.

Some were carrying pictures of former JSO 
commander Milorad Ulemek, convicted of the murder 
of the late prime minister, Zoran ?in©¢iç.

A large contingent of riot police soon arrived at 
the scene. Gallery Custodian Vida KneÏeviç told 
B92 that they were now considering other ways of 
opening the exhibition.

"Sadly, the opening was interrupted following the 
arrival of, presumably, members of Obraz. The 
police suggested that we call things off after 
all, to avoid any further trouble, We're now 
thinking of how else we could open the 
exhibition. I hope we'll be able to do so, at 
least by invitation, so that people can see the 
exhibition," explained KneÏeviç.

The exhibition was organized by the Youth 
Initiative for Human Rights. The exhibition had 
been held in Novi Sad, prior to coming to 

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