[artinfo] forschungsgruppe_f publication "LITTLE. conditions 2005 - 2008"

Alexander Schikowski alexschiko at web.de
Mon Apr 28 12:33:36 CEST 2008

forschungsgruppe_f presents its newest publication:

forschungsgruppe_f "LITTLE. conditions 2005 - 2008"

26 x 20 cm, 152 coloured pages
Verlag Silke Schreiber, Munich
ISBN 978-3-88960-099-8
EUR 10,-

More information:
www.forschungsgruppe-f.net (with flash preview of the whole book)

Kunsthaus Schaller, Koenigstr. 28, Stuttgart
Irok Boltja, Andrassy ut 45, Budapest
Mucsarnok - Kunsthalle Budapest, Museumshop, Hosok tere Budapest

r/e/mig(r)áció Budapest 2006
forshed, shedhalle Zurich, 2007
Little Germany, Stuttgart 2007
Little Hungary, Budapest 2007

In cooperation with:
Urban Research Institute Nuernberg [D, 2006/2007]
A38, Studio Gallery, Dinamo [H, 2006], Shedhalle Zurich [CH, 2007]
Stuttgarter Kunstverein e.V., Hungarian Cultural Institute Stuttgart  
[D, 2007]
A38, Reaktor [H, 2007]

About forschungsgruppe_f:
The forschungsgruppe_f is an independent international studygroup.  
She's working project-based and interdisciplinary on questions of  
cognitiv reality-constitution and amongst others on questions of  
reception and perception on the basis of action research. Consisting  
operating systems will be extended by interactive programs for  
expanding the margins of self-organisation.

Yours sincerely

international action research

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