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A lejjebb jellemzett ujmedia-kreativ-ellenallo szovetseg helyet keres
maganak Pozsony kornyeken, es ehhez lenne szukseguk nehany tamogato
szervezetre, akivel kesobb egyutt is lehet mukodni. Ha valaki ilyen,
akkor irjon nekik a barb*servus.at-re. 




An open cultural center for Petrzalka / Exchange platform Bratislava-Petrzalka

The socio-cultural organisations Itchybit, Col-me, Egoistova Pazucha
and info at police are searching together for a space to combine their
activities. We are looking for a building which can accomodate our
activities and to make it an open cultural center, which means for us
a place to meet, work and organise events, discussions and other
things for an interested public. This center we would like to settle
in the area of Petrzalka for more reasons.

*Young people*

Within this area there are very few possibilities to do something for
youngsters, teenagers and people who are interested in not only
consume culture, but doing culture. An open cultural center – like we
have it in mind – would offer for these youngsters a place where they
can go within their own neighbourhood. It takes them off the street
and gives them a place to meet or just hang out without being forced
to consume. Above all that we also want to offer workshop programmes
which could interest the teenagers and gives them an education in
something that they cannot learn in school.

*Changing urban landscape*

Due to changing demographics (less children being born f.e.) and other
reasons, quite some spaces are left without use and “wait” to be used
in a way that gives areas a different sense between the panelaky. It
would be the first independent cultural initiative in Petrzalka all
together and would be fruitful for a ‘sleep town’ like we find it

*Geographical location*

Petr¾alka has been historically a borderland - although cut off from
it’s neighbours after II. world war, it will be more and more evident
once again as the internal EU borders dissolve. We aim to push this
movement by strenghtening links with similar initiatives and spaces in
Austria (IMA in Hainburg) and Hungary (ppl in Budapest?) - mutual
exchange of experiences, circulation of people, or common projects
dealing with local situations.

*Purpose and programmation of the space*

We want to propose an example programme for a year which includes
events, that are within the framework of our interests and
possibilities. Besides that each of the organisations are programming
events by themselves we also want to organise certain events
collaboratively and provide needed space for befriended organisations
(experimental culture) and people who are in need of space to realize
their cultural activities – may it be meetings, workshop, lectures or
anything within the framework of cultural activities. Also we want to
strengthen cultural networks over the slovak border to austrian,
hungarian and czech organisations. Besides that we also want to invite
international people to participate in projects, work them out
together with us or – simply – for performances, workshops and/or
lectures. The space will therefore be used for office and meeting
spaces, specified spaces like for computer workshops and a general
space for bigger public events. The following things we intend to
organise which includes also activities which are done by the
organisations in 2008 and/or before. We see the planning of the
initiative along the following lines:

A. General collective achievements office and meeting rooms, public internet (wi-fi) access, a public cafe as a local meeting space with free internet access, web-radio programmes, a meeting place where new ideas can emerge from – maybe even a small cafe. A working room for media and radio. We work mainly with Open Software within the workshops. 

B. infoapolice: Critical lectures and discussions on social issues, maintaining the library and enhancing the database of books on the web, translating and publishing of magazines, comics, articles into slovak. 

C. col-me Organise technical workshops and playsessions, cultural try-out and rehearsal space, media culture and exhibition space, a podium for (experimental) performances, a meeting place for local and international artists and collaboration and publication. 

D. itchybit 

E. Egoistova pazucha: Editing of three issues per year, informing about the activities in the predmestie-space, Slovakia and abroad, presentation of the artists and writers. 

We count with a preliminary timetable: 

1: Maintenanace/renewal of the basic infrastructure of the building (water, electricity, heating, internet, hygiene, security). 

2: Installation of the organisations, groups, and setting up of media space, infrastructural building up of the public spaces (audio-visual, cafe, etc...) 

3: Opening of the public space, with internet access, public regular programmes gnd : We would like to provide access to local street/graffitti artists to do a outer decoration of the space (not really in the classical hip-hop style, but more abstract painting / streetart). Could be joined with a general music playing, creative workshop, and could draw some local attention to us. 

Local support and partners

Centrum komunitného rozvoja| 
SKOSI (?) 
Miestna kni¾nica Petr¾alka 
International support and partners

We tend to make the space self-sufficient through its socio-cultural
(gnd: too much socio-cultural in the text,, make it real! :) public
programme. Both initiating organisations have experience with funding
and sponsorship.

*(International) connections and support resp. Future partners*


*The Organisations applying*

With this proposal we want to ask for support from the Magistrat in
the matter of finding an appropriate place for a center like this. The
following are the organisations applying. For a more detailed
description, please see the Appendixes.


Itchybit collective sprang out as the logical conclusion of the
new-media project of Burundi Studio. Gathering on interests of its
members in technology, social issues, city and its subcultures, media,
and music, Itchybit started to act as a umbrella organization for
various community oriented projects. Past projects include hardware
hacking workshops, urban culture festivals, various workshops for
computer artists (puredata, image), the reboot series on social
topics, discussions (Copyright & Creative Commons), streaming,
organizing music events, etc.. Currently Itchybit maintains its own
server (smecnet which is hosting various mailinglists, webpages, and
projects from domains of media, art and education. For a more detailed
portfolio see: Itchy Bit Projects


Col-me is an organisation organizing socio-cultural events that
include screenings, lectures, performances, workshops, exhibitions and
film lectures. The organisation is dealing especially with new media
and culture and is interested in finding new ways of dealing with
technical issues especially how to connect to a wider world outside
through it. As it was just founded we don’t have a past common story,
but a great future.

info at police: 

Infoapolice is a library collective which has a current bookstock of
around 700 items and still growing. It’s library is partially
published on a database on the internet, as it is currently not public
available the organisation stopped the online page as it is not able
at the moment to provide people with books. The books are usually
available for the public. The library is dealing with alternative
culture, alternative politics and generally socio-political
issues. The collective is also organising lectures, screenings and
public events for critical thinking and started to publish small
brochures on socio-political issues as well.

Egoistova Pazucha: 

EP is a cultural magazine,which purpose is to inform about interesting
cultural projects form Slovakia and abroad that in an original way get
beyond the specified boundaries and link the social area with the
cultural one. Each issue contains graphics,drawings or pictures from
young artists,which we want to support to make them known. An
important part of Egoistova Pazucha is its form that changes with each
issue. The four issues up to now had the form of calendar, map and
regular magagazine. The purpouse of this idea is to make use of the
paper media and to draw forward our magazine without affecting its


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