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*ACM Multimedia 2007*
September 24 – 29, 2007

Fachhochschule Augsburg / University of Applied Sciences Augsburg
Campus Rotes Tor, Friedbergerstr. 2
86161 Augsburg

ACM Multimedia is the premier annual multimedia conference, covering all 
aspects of multimedia computing.

The Interactive Art Program, in conjunction with ACM MM, seeks to bring 
together the arts and multimedia communities to create the stage to 
explore, discuss, and push the limits for the advancement of both 
multimedia technology through the arts, and the arts through multimedia 
technology. The ACM Multimedia Interactive Arts program was held in 
Santa Barbara, CA in 2006 , in Singapore in 2005 , and in New York City 
in 2004

The program consists of a Conference Track in which authors present full 
papers in front of an audience, and short papers in poster format. In 
addition, the program features an Interactive Art Exhibition. The art 
exhibition will be hosted by the University of Applied Sciences Augsburg.

Selected art works:

*Amagatana the mystical sword*
by Yuichiro Katsumoto and Masa Inakage, Keio Media Design, Fujisawa, Japan

*The Ball in The Hole* interactive video installation
by Silvano Galliani, Milan, Italy, and Eleonora Oreggia, Amsterdam, the 

*Double Bubble* a brain-computer-interface participatory arrangement
by Zsolt Mesterhazy and Rolland Pereszlényi, Amsterdam, the Netherlands; 
Balázs Beöthy, Budapest, Hungary.

*Ghost(s) / Fantôme(s)* a participative video-data processing installation
by Lévy Vincent, Paris, France
miXer the Communication Entertainment Content by using "Entrainment 
Phenomenon" and "Bio-feedback"* by Tomohisa Tomida, Ueki Atsuro, Masa 
Inakage, Keio University IMGL, Japan

*One Million Heartbeats* an interactive art installation that collects 
one million heartbeats from participants by Su-Chu Hsu, Jin-Yao Lin, 
Carven Chen, Ying-Chung Chen, Jiun-Shian Lin, Shih-Chang Lin, Keng-Hau 
Chang, Taipei National Univ. of Arts, Taiwan

*Space of two categories* an interactive installation with shadow 
projection by Hanna Haaslahti and Seppo Heikkilä, Fantomatico–Art & 
Media, Helsinki

*SpherAleas* a tridimensional interactive / sound / image installation 
by Grégory Lasserre, Lyon, France

*Conversation Piece* a speech-based interactive art installation by 
Alexa Wright, University of Westminster, London; Alun Evans, and Alf 
Linney, University College, London; Mike Lincoln, University of Edinburgh

*TypeTrace* an interactive application that records all the keyboard 
strokes you make, similar to Spyware by Takumi Endo, Tokyo, Japan


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