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Wed Sep 12 19:20:18 CEST 2007


Young Art from Serbia and Kosovo / 23. September - 31. October 2007

Opening: Saturday, September 22, 2007, 4 pm

Exhibition Space: Leonhardi Kulturprojekte, 61184 Karben, 

open on saturday and sunday 2-6 pm and on request

In Greek, 'plasma' means anything that is shaped and can be shaped, 
or the shape itself. Plasma is an ionized gas which activates 
spontaneous emissions in suns and stars; when these are captured in 
plasma - screens, they give off light of different colours. 'Plazma' 
is the name of a variety of biscuit made in Serbia. These biscuits 
were enriched with vitamins to make them especially nutritious. They 
were used in all spheres of life in Yugoslavia. They are still 
popular in Serbia today.

As in the workshop that took place in Pristina in May 2007, we have 
formulated some questions that the 'Plazma' exhibition in Frankfurt | 
Karben is intended to raise: How are young artists from the region, 
who form a generational unit and are oriented towards the same set of 
current historical problems, dealing with events and political 
developments that each group experiences in a different way? For 
these artists, these events and developments are childhood 
experiences. By giving the exhibition this metaphorical title, we 
want to show that this element provides a link between the different 
works in the way the artists address questions related to their 
childhoods, and show culture as something that can be shaped. 
Artists, because of their capacity to shape, are mediators between 
the cultures.

For artists from both regions, an awareness of cultural difference is 
a precondition of the joint projects we want to promote with the help 
of the exhibition. We have invited artists from Serbia and Kosova 
whose works address the question of how forms of cultural expression 
can be shaped.

artists: Ana Adamovic, Jakup Ferri, Flaka Haliti, Jetmir Idrizi, 
Natasha Kokic, Dren Maliqi, Alban Muja, Kader Muzaqi, Milica Ruzicic, 
Manuel Schmalstieg, Tomislav Stanko Vukic, Lulzim Zeqiri

The project is under the patronage of the Goethe-Institute, Belgrade. 
The exhibition-project Plazma is supported by Hessische 

Leonhardi Kulturprojekte
Burggraefenroederstr. 2
61184 Karben

Leonhardi Kulturprojekte in Frankfurt: Glauburgstr.13, 60318 Frankfurt

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