[artinfo] iconology, ecotopia, subculture on save-no-design

Alex Foti alex.foti at gmail.com
Wed Sep 12 15:42:41 CEST 2007

Dear fellow radical networkers,

the following three themes have been added to the discussion on Save No Design,
greenpepper's mailing list on radical design and alternative graphix:

discussing flags, posters, tshirts, zines, graffiti, scratchiti,
slogans, subvertising, agit-prop and wotnot

URBAN ECOTOPIA (aka jordanology:)
climate action, guerrilla gardening, permaculture, bioarchitecture,
freeganism, ecohacking, bike/pedestrian activism, any kind of low-carb
economy from below

theory and empirics of creative underclasses, ghetto styles, pop
trendlets, heretic tribes, queer communities,
miscegenation/hybridization of people and cultures in north/south megacities

You're welcome to join the list and contribute to its threads in
English or any other european idiom:


love and no space rockets,


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