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Dubai, November 28, 2007


N3krozoft Ltd Exhibition at DUDAC Draws 15,000 Emirati Visitors So Far


The exhibition "N3krozoft Ltd: 1904-2007", on view through 27 January  
2008 at the Digital Art Centre in Dubai (DUDAC), has enjoyed  
extraordinary interest among Emirati art lovers since opening on  
November 1st.

This show is the first institutional solo-exhibition of N3krozoft Ltd  
in the United Arab Emirates, as well as the first major survey since  
1992 of the international art collective. Building upon a lineage of  
continuous projects reaching back to the early days of the computer  
age, the group has produced artworks in a variety of media,  
encompassing live visual performance, public art, and critique of  
software and its relationship to contemporary culture and politics.

This major survey provides an unprecedented opportunity to reassess  
their ambiguous work, which is caracterised by its obsessive subject  
matter and experimental approach to media and techniques. It also  
features a number of new works made specially for the exhibition.

/// N3krozoft Ltd : 1904-2007 ///
November 01 2007 - January 27 2008
Dubai Digital Art Centre (DUDAC), Dubai Internet City, United Arab Emirates

In the frame of this event, N3krozoft Ltd invites you to attend the  
following live performances:

* BLACKBOX:DXB /// Fri-Sun 30 November - 02 December 2007 at Dudac
  Realtime video performance by the N3krozoft Media Ensemble,  
accompanied by the Dubai Chamber Orchestra.

* KASPAROV 9000 ///  Fri-Sun 07-09 December 2007 at Dudac
  N3krozoft Ltd's newest transmedia performance KASPAROV 9000 explores  
the confrontation between human and machine intelligence, based on the  
historical match between chess world champion Garry Kasparov and IBM's  
software opponent Deep Blue in 1997.


* GENEVA, DEC 13TH: Presentation of online projects by N3krozoft Ltd.  
Location: HEAD, Rue General-Dufour 2, conference room, 18:30hrs CET.

* NOVI SAD, VIDEOMEDEJA, DEC 15TH: The next live internet performance  
by the Aether9 Collective takes place at Videomedeja Festival, Novi  
Sad. Access for the Internet audience at http://1904.cc/aether -  
please visit the website for details and precise time schedule.  
Aether9 - Remote Realtime Storytelling - is supported by  
Sitemapping.ch (Swiss Federal Office of Culture).


Find more information about N3krozoft Ltd:
More information about the Dubai Digital Art Centre (DUDAC):

You can also contact Aysha Al Sharif, Dudac PR and Communications :  
a.alsharif at dudac.org


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