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  24 May - 16 September 2007Karlin Hall - Thamova 14 - Prague  In the labyrinth of Central Europe, collective </PRE>memory and the boundaries of painting meet 
in Prague for the third year running.
  [merylin.gif"] </SPAN>

 May 24  &nbsp;           &nbsp;           &nbsp;    
11am-3pm press preview (only for press)
4 pm-8pm VIP preview (for invitation only)
May 25 
11 am-8pm public preview (tickets 150 Czk - 5 Euro)</PRE>
May 26 
11 am-8pm public preview (tickets 150 Czk - 5 Euro)

Now in its third year, PRAGUEBIENNALE re-launches itself once more. Through a vast display of both </PRE>
recent and past works (from painting and photography to performance and installation art) this year's 
[DEL: edition aims to explore and pinpoint the most significant aspects of Central European art. The show  :DEL] 
displays works by artists young and old, new and affirmed, as well as covering the very movements 
that shaped the sixties and seventies. 
Special exhibitions have been dedicated to Czech minimalism and Slovak actionism, which, hitherto, 
have not been documented on an international level.

   Following    participating in 'Expa(PRAGUEBIENNALE veritably 'baptised' or, so to speak, 'consecrated' Andro Wekua, Matthias Weischer, 
Dana Schutz, Tal R, Victor Man and Wilhelm Sasnal), Expanded Painting 2, will present twenty emerging 
European artists.
There will be a special focus on the ' School of Cluj ' in Romania , which, after Leipzig and Dresden , is 
[DEL: proving to be a veritable goldmine of contemporary painters. Moreover, the fair pays homage to three  :DEL] 
seminal artists: Above all, however, the true stars of PRAGUEBIENNALE3 are indeed the very cultures 
and minor stories of Central Europe. 



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