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Bebe Beard bebebeard at gmail.com
Thu May 10 11:09:34 CEST 2007

CALL FOR WORK  June 15, 2007 Deadline.

Curated video and animation show looking for creative musings
related to women and speed. ATA*seeks to promote 
dialog about women and speed. If you are 
video-ing, animating, taping or filming about 
speedy women we want to hear from you. We want to 
remember - refresh - know about - celebrate - and 
catch up with fast women. Other approaches might 
include:  consideration of the historical role of 
speed in women's artistic production; gender 
constructs associated with speed and art; 
feminist responses to the impact of new 
technologies on the speed at which works of art 
are produced today; and a close examination of 
works by contemporary women artists that engage the idea of speed.

FAST WOMEN will be screened at the 119 Gallery in 
Lowell, Massachusetts, 
(<http://www.119gallery.org>http://www.119gallery.org) on October 13, 2007.

Preliminary work, real (video) and imagined (animation)
accepted on DVD or mini-DV due June 15, 2007 .
Final work on  mini-DV tape.

Send tapes or DVDs to:
  119 Gallery
  c/o Astrodime Transit Authority
  119 Chelmsford Street
  Lowell MA 01851

for more information or questions contact:
<mailto:BebeBeard at gmail.com>BebeBeard at gmail.com

* For more info about Astrodime Transit 
Authority, an art collective based in the 
Northeast see <http://virtualberet.net/ata>http://virtualberet.net/ata


INtransit: A Video Journal

INtransit has an open call to media artists, 
animators and researchers to submit work in the 
moving image for review. The journal publishes 
topical compilations about science, technology, 
gender, class, race, culture, and history. 
Submissions are reviewed quarterly. Contributors 
who submit their work will get an honorarium and 
5 copies of the journal. Forms can include
animations, mini-documentaries, performance art, 
experimental video and film, retrofuturistic 
musings, documentation of odd technologies, and 
other weirdness. Most pieces should not exceed 10 minutes.

CodeCODE is our topic of INtransit Vol. 3 to be 
published in the Spring of 2008. contact 
<mailto:rocketscience at virtualberet.net>rocketscience at virtualberet.net 
for mor information.

Please mail your work to
AstroDime Transit Authority, c/o Research Team
119 Gallery
119 Chelmsford Street
Lowell, MA 01851-2621

If you want it returned, please include a 
self-addressed stamped envelope. Preview copies 
should be on DVD, VHS, or mini-DV. for more info, 
contact <mailto:rocketscience at virtualberet.net>rocketscience at virtualberet.net

* For more info about Astrodime Transit 
Authority, an art collective based in the 
Northeast see <http://virtualberet.net/ata>http://virtualberet.net/ata

Bebe Beard
Boston, MA

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