[artinfo] The Communism of Form and the Music Clip

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July 18, 2007

The Communism of Form and the Music Clip

 From this Friday until the beginning of August, Sao Paulo's Galeria 
Vermelho hosts one of the most riveting exhibitions of the summer. 
Curated by local critics Fernando Oliva and Marcelo Rezende,
'Communism of Form: Sound + Image + Time ? The Music Clip Strategy'
brings together works by 30 Brazilian and international artists that 
reflect, examine, or evoke the aesthetics of the music clip within 
contemporary visual culture.
The show's organizing principle takes on French critic Nicolas 
Bourriaud's definition of 'communism of form,' an expression that 
identifies the current art practices based on an immense library of 
images, emotional states, and psychological experiences generated by 
post-Fordist societies that are shared both by the artists and the 
audience--as the music clip-- that thus engage in a participatory 
relationship with the pieces.
Many artists--such as Forsyth & Pollard (UK), Apichatpong 
Weerasethakul (Thailand), Nuevos Ricos (Mexico), Laibach (Slovenia), 
and Tetine (Brazil)--developed new works, addressing with different 
and surprising styles the fundamental elements of the music clip: 
sound, image, and time.
As Oliva and Rezende say, 'the music clip, with its absence of an 
hierarchy between the old and the new and the technological and the 
craft, puts in motion all the world's repertoire.' A blog comprising 
several posts--from film stills to YouTube videos--and a book with 
various commissioned essays and interviews discussing the theoretical 
frame of the show complements this project, expanding its original 
and very opportune features in unexpected ways and furthering the 
debate around this prominent cultural expression. - Miguel Amado


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