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June 23 – July 1, Beijing 



Borderline is an initiative of BAO Atelier and Platform China Contemporary Art Institute.

Art Directors: Beatrice Leanza and Pauline Doutreluingne

Venues: Soho Shangdu, Platform China Contemporary Art Institute, Beijing Film Academy, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Drive-In Movie Theatre, Dashanzi Art District.



Borderline is a Beijing-based urban palimpsest evolving over a 12 months period into a 9-day long main event held annually at the end of June.

It is developed trough a wide range of activities centred on the identity of the moving image, and predicated on the hybrid nature of the contemporary cultural one. 


This venture looks at promoting itself as a continuous experience extended throughout by means of customized events, special projects, on-going workshops and educational programmes in collaboration with different local and international institutions and educational structures: as a urban laboratory it focuses on the exploration of visual culture as the impact ground where artistic visions, academic research and corporate development translate into creative capital. Borderline is initiating unprecedented commitment to cross-disciplinary practices generating from the aesthetics and production of moving images while establishing a concrete platform for the meeting of art professionals, academics and researchers from diverse study- fields to share information and ground possibilities of collaboration. 

Concretely we envision this endeavour as an experience-making machine which will progress in a series of actions/events (locally and internationally) representing participation and narration, while culminating in a constructed sequence of projects unfolding throughout different spaces and locations around the city.

A scenario of liquid disciplines, Borderline will be drawn as a long cord over-imposing the city, a narrative achieved by sets of exhibitions, performances, lectures, concerts, public screenings that will guide people into a sited reading of the city, an urban story-telling in the form of a mobile lab.


Bridging perspectives from installation, short film, documentary, animation, performance and music, sound art, new graphics, architecture and design, Borderline will be forged as a cadenced experience from point to point, like a dilated vision appropriating the city, a temporary firmament which instead of blowing the city up will progressively reveal one of its possible universes onto its flowing fabric. 




Day 1| Grand Opening: “Just Like the Movies” accompanied by live Piano Performance, by

Michal Kosakowski, Music and Piano Performance: Paolo Marzocchi


Day 1| Exhibition “Seduction – A Theory-Fiction between the Real and the Possible”

Venue: Soho Shangdu, West Tower - Floor B2 

Curated by: Beatrice Leanza 毕月, BAO Atelier (Beijing, HK)

Space design: Li Naihan, 李鼐含BAO Atelier (Beijing, HK)

Artists艺术家: Fikret Atay, Johanna Billing, Candice Breitz, Mircea Cantor, Călin Dan, Claire Fontaine, Gao Shiqiang (高世强), Clarisse Hahn, Teresa Hubbard / Alexander Birchler, Jesper Just, Mathieu Laurette, Melik Ohanian, Ou Ning & Cao Fei (欧宁和曹斐),  Shi Qing (石青), Ulla Von Brandemburg, Wu Wenguang (吴文光), Zhang Peili (张培力).


Day 2| Exhibition: “We Cannot Stop, to Stop is To Fail!”

Venue: Platform China 

Artists: Yang Fudong, Jiang Zhi, Song Tao, Liang Yue, Sheng Jie, Meng Jin and Fang Er, Zhao Liang, Mira Sanders, Saskia Holmkvist, Tsui Kuang-Yu,Damien Roach, Lin Chuan-chu and Oliver Lyons.      

Concept and Curatorship: Pauline Doutreluingne

Exhibition design: Shuhei Aoyama and Sugita So 


Day 3-4-5-6-7-8 | 6 – DAYS Mobile Lab: Performances, Workshops, Screenings. (Check website for detailed information). 

Concept and Structure: Beatrice Leanza, BAO Atelier (Beijing, HK) 

Curated by: Beatrice Leanza, BAO Atelier (Beijing, HK) and Chaos Y. Chen| CHAOSPROJECTS |VisualThinking, China

Venues: Beijing Film Academy, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Drive-In Movie Theatre, Dashanzi Art District


Day 7-8| Night Events: digital sounds, pure electronic music, low fi electro rock, local iconic bands and a kaleidoscope of vjs, the two nights feature 15 acts that show the diversity of techniques and expression forms contained under the digital culture label. 

 (Check website for detailed information). 


Day 9| Closure: ‘Bloody Sunday’ presents - The Mini Movie Movement ( AGF.3 and SUE C.), SCANNER live (UK), QUIO live (GER).

Venue: Platform China, outside yard. 




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