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sausage sausage at chello.hu
Thu Jul 5 12:11:21 CEST 2007

Sausage BBQ Saturday 7th July

Muzsa kert, MU Szinhaz. Korossy Jozef u. 17. BP 1117

We will be barbequing sausages from 7pm till late. So come and drink and eat
sausages. If you have not tried them before, then here is your chance. If
have, then come and gorge yourself! You can also place an order.

Muzsa Kert is a bar and theatre so you might even pick up a bit of culture
along the way. General crowd is international.

Location: Buda, just off Oktober 23rd ut across from Skala where the No. 4
terminates, the road that leads directly to Petofi Hid.

All The Best David Sausage Wilkinson

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