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Szív Studios Newsletter                                                July

 Summertime =  More Time to Make ART!

It's Summertime at Szív Studios and we have some classes to help you
ARTFULLY beat the heat.

Drawing Budapest
In this 3-day course we will draw the sights and scenes of Budapest - all
from the tables of
city cafes!  This course is suited to those new to drawing as well as those
with experience.
Depending on your interest and skill level, subjects can range from tabletop
still-lifes to
bustling street scenes.  July 19 Thursday- July 21 Saturday

 Painting With Lado with flexible ART CLASS PASSES
  Wednesday nights from 7:00-9:30, Lado Pochkhua teaches the wonderful world
of painting suited to your
personal style and level.  With an Art Class Pass, you can come for any six
Wednesdays during
the summer.

 Floral Pastels Course
Nothing suits the ethereal nature of flowers like soft pastels. In this
class you will learn basic
drawing techniques, colour theory, blending, scumbling and other soft-pastel
specific skills.
July 7 (one-day Saturday workshop) and July 16-20

Other short courses and workshops we are offering include:
 "Experiments in Mixed Media- Beyond the Surface"
"Adding a New Dimension- Encaustic Painting with Wax"
"Impasto Oil Painting- Mysteries Unraveled"

For full course descriptions, schedules, and fees go to

Hope everyone is having a great summer!


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