[artinfo] De Appel Curatorial Programme 2007/2008 deadline

Geert Lovink geert at xs4all.nl
Fri Jan 19 10:31:17 CET 2007

>de Appel is a contemporary Arts Centre, located in the heart of 
>Amsterdam. Over the 25 years of its existence it has been operating 
>on an international level and for 10 years de Appel has been running 
>a renowned Curatorial Training Programme.
>In September 2007, the new version of the eight - month long 
>Curatorial Programme of de Appel, with a renewed curriculum and an 
>extended tutorial team will start. Initiated in 1994, the course 
>wishes to offer young curators a condensed package of experiences 
>and skills which can be used as tools and instruments during the 
>further development of their professional career.
>This year an international selection committee, chaired by Ann 
>Demeester, director of de Appel and Head of the programme, selects 
>about 6 participants of different nationalities and cultural backgrounds.
>The following parts of the programme are considered to be of vital importance:
>- The opportunity to research theoretical issues and developments in 
>regular sessions with a tutorial team consisting e.g. of free-lance 
>curator Annie Fletcher (IR/NL), visual artist Steve Mc Queen 
>(GB/NL), writer and curator Elena Filipovic (US/BE), MUHKA- curator 
>Dieter Roelstraete (BE) and independent researcher/curator Lisette Smits (NL).
>- The opportunity to meet a large number of artists, curators, 
>critics and other professionals from the Netherlands and abroad in a 
>very condensed period of time, and having the chance to exchange 
>ideas with them, either during thematic seminars or during informal encounters.
>- The opportunity to get acquainted with de Appel from 'the inside', 
>and get a better insight into the mechanisms and governing 
>principles of a contemporary institution for visual arts.
>- The possibility to make a long trip outside of Western Europe and 
>several short excursions within Europe. During each programme the 
>destinations of these trips differ: this depends on the 
>international exhibitions that are worth visiting, the interests of 
>the participants of the course and the relevance of the journey with 
>regards to the final project of that course.
>-The opportunity to realise a presentation as a group or as 
>individual curators, for instance in the form of an exhibition or a 
>series of events. The parameters given are: a specified budget and 
>the requirement that the presentation reflects the group's / 
>participants' view on developments in contemporary art. Considering 
>the quality of the proposals presented, one or a combination are 
>chosen to be realised.
>1. A letter of motivation in which your personal drive and what you 
>expect from the programme is stated.
>2. A proposal for a show (5-15 pages), including: concept and 
>location of the show (main focus), the participating artists 
>(including some image material), a budget of the show, a publicity 
>plan (not obliged).
>3. A CV, including an extensive description of one's relevant 
>working experience.
>4. Two written references of (former) tutors, professors or 
>employers, in English.
>On the basis of the submitted documents a pre-selection is made in 
>February. Approximately ten candidates will be shortlisted; they are 
>invited to come to Amsterdam in the end of February or beginning of 
>March for an interview.
>Application deadline: 31 January 2007
>Send completed applications (in two-fold) to:
>de Appel
>Att: Roos Gortzak, CTP 07/08
>Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 10
>1017 DE Amsterdam
>The Netherlands
>For further information please visit our website
>contact: Roos Gortzak
>t. 31 (0) 20 6255215
>roosgortzak at deappel.nl

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