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Janos Sugar sj at c3.hu
Sun Dec 9 23:17:58 CET 2007

     Osocio is dedicated to social advertising and non-profit campaigns.
     It's the place where marketing and activism collide. Formerly known
     as the Houtlust Blog, Osocio is the central online hub for
     advertisers, ad agencies, grassroots, activists, social
     entrepreneurs, and good Samaritans from around the globe.
     Despite there being hundreds of other ad blogs on the web, Houtlust
     stood out by focusing exclusively on social advertising. Unlike
     commercial advertising, which only attempts to influence purchase
     decisions, non-profit ads seeks to connect us with other human
     beings. Social advertising has an uncanny power to make us stop,
     think and then take action to help a person, or a group of people,
     who we don't even know, who might be from a foreign culture, living
     thousands of miles away. And for that reason we celebrate these
     ads, study them and discuss them at length. We hope you will too.

     Created by Marc van Gurp in October 2005, Houtlust began as a
     personal collection of non-profit ads. Originally the site was only
     written in Dutch, with no thoughts of a wider audience. But the
     demand for an English version quickly grew. The tiny niche blog got
     bigger and bigger. And it wasn't long before Houtlust became known
     as the authoritative reference of non-profit advertising for the ad
     industry and socially minded people everywhere.

     Of course, we have our own ideas on how to make the world a better
     place. However, Osocio promises to never push any political agenda
     of its own. The campaigns we publish in no way directly express our
     personal stance on a specific issue. Our focus is solely on the
     communication of social messages.

     If you feel you can collaborate in any shape or form, please
     contact us. We're always keen on new social campaigns. So please
     send us the non-profit marketing you've been working on, or the
     work of your agency, along with news, links or tips.

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