[artinfo] Debates on the Avant-Garde, LE PLATEAU, Paris, Friday, April 20, 4 pm

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Fri Apr 20 10:28:48 CEST 2007

Within the frame of SOCIÉTÉ ANONYME at LE PLATEAU, Paris,
Friday, April 20, 4 pm

Debates on the Avant-Garde,

a seminar organised and moderated by Chto delat? - Dmitry Vilensky and
Artem Magun (Saint Petersbourg / Moscow)

Brian Holmes, writer, cultural critic, Paris
Fulvia Carnevale (Claire Fontaine), artist, Paris
Rene Gabri (16Beaver), artist, New York
Société Réaliste (Ferenc Gróf et Jean-Baptiste Naudy), artists, Paris
Stephen Wright, curator, philosopher and art critic, Paris

1. How can we understand autonomy in reference to art in today's context?
2. Is it possible to talk of the avant-garde without Vanguardism; a
conceptualization of political subjectivity which has been understandably been
discredited by historical experience and the failed event of 1917? In what
ways could the avant-garde open possibilities of alternative futures or pose
structures of "life to come?"
3. Are we talking the avant-garde again because of the possibility of a new
political event post-Seattle? What new social subjects have emerged through
this event who could inspire contemporary avant-garde gestures?

A project curated by Thomas Boutoux, Natasa Petresin, François Piron.

Place Hannah Arendt, 75019 Paris
Tél +33 (0)1 53 19 88 10

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