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aether at 1904.cc aether at 1904.cc
Fri Apr 20 00:47:47 CEST 2007

the N3KROZOFT LTD media group

is pleased to announce the world premiere of the 
collaborative video performance:

*// Aether 9 //*

Linking nine performers in various remote 
locations around the globe, this performance will 
occur on May 3rd 2007, 21:00 CET, in the 
framework of Mapping Festival Geneva, in 
conclusion to a 3-day workshop directed by 
N3KROZOFT members.

*// conditions of participation //*

[1] // participating in the workshop : If you 
wish to follow the workshop in Geneva: plase send 
an email to wrkshp at 1904.cc describing briefly 
your experience and motivations (moderate 
knowledge and experience of video tools + 
originality of ideas is expected). Workshop dates 
are: May 1st-3rd, 14:00-18:00. Workshop location: 
BAC, Geneva (see below).

[2] // participating as a remote performer : 
Artists wishing to participate in one of the 
remaining performance slots: please send an email 
to remote at n3krozoft.com
Requirements for remote performers:
- You need to have access to an imaging device 
(webcam, miniDV camera) and a computer linked to 
the internet.
- Sufficient knowledge of video tools + 
performance is expected, to operate for instance 
a webcam and upload its images to a server. 
Server access will be provided.
- Knowledge of Max/msp or Pure Data is an advantage, but not a necessity.
- You are required to be available through skype 
or similar protocols for instructions and 
synchronisation during the days prior to the 
performance (1st-3rd May).
- 100% availability during the performance and at 
least 1 hour prior to performance is crucial.

*// Questions and Answers //*

Q - What will this look like?
A - The basic concept: 9 different locations will 
be linked during a 60 minute performance. The 
performance will be projected as a 3x3 grid of 
videoframes, such as this:

                 ---- ---- ----
                |    |    |    |
                 ---- ---- ----
                |    |    |    |
                 ---- ---- ----
                |    |    |    |
                 ---- ---- ----

Q - When and where will the performance take place?
A - The performance will occur on Thursday 3rd 
May 2007, 21:00 (9 PM) Central European Time. The 
location is the BAC (Bātiment d'Art 
Contemporain), 10 rue des Vieux-Grenadiers / 28, 
rue des Bains, Geneva, Switzerland.

Q - Is it possible to watch the performance on the internet?
A - The performance will be visible through the 
internet. Not directly as a video stream, but as 
a standalone viewer application, which will be 
available at http://n3krozoft.com/remote . If you 
are in charge of a public venue, you are welcome 
to use the standalone viewer to broadcast to 
performance to an audience. Click here to find 
your local performance time: 

Q - Will there be any dogma/ritual imposed on the performers?
A - The content of the performance will be 
dictated by a formal set of rules, which will be 
established in part during the first 2 days of 
the workshop. The significance of time and the 
subjectivity of human experience in a specific 
timeframe will be a crucial element of the 

Q - What technology will be used for the transmission of images?
A - To insure the possibility for performers in 
low-tech situations to participate, the system 
will be designed for robustness rather than for 
speed. Since streaming video needs a considerable 
upload rate, the transmission of images will 
occur rather through image-by-image upload, 
allowing participants to use slower transmission 
lines. The target frame refresh rate will be 5 
seconds, similar to the transmission rate of the 
videophone devices in use during the 1990's. At 
the main performance venue, buffered playback 
will occur at much faster or slower framerates, 
depending on the performer's actions.



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