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NetEX- networked experience

added recently some new calls
in the external announcements section
which might be of interest:
Deadline 15 November
1. Videomedeja
Video and media art festival (Belgrade/Serbia)
Deadline: 1 November
One World Documentary Film Festival
Prague (Czech Republik)

Deadlines approaching-->

Deadline 6 October

TIKINO - 2nd International Audiovisual Contest on the theme
the gypsies, their culture and social reality
Deadline 25 October 2006

Digital Art Festival Rosario/Argentina
Digital photo, video, installation, performance, e-music
16,17, 18 November 2006

All details  and the entry forms can be found on


The "internal announcements" section released following calls
Deadline 31 December 2006

Call: for media art for
Women: Memory of Repression in Argentina
project about the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo and the "disappeared"
people during the military dictatoships in Argentina .
As persecuting people is widely practiced not only in totalitarian systems,
the call is not only reduced to the theme of Argentina,
but related to any place around the globe
where people are/were persecuted for ethnic, religious, social or 
political reasons.

More details and the entry form can be found on

Deadline 31 December 2006

Call for Papers:
JAP - JavaMuseum Article Project
..articles & papers on questions of Internet based art - netart,
technology used in Internet based art, art & technology in general,
art & communicating technology, Internet culture etc......

All details on these and more calls and the entry forms can be found on

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