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[A world full of opportunities for the security business! why wasting time
servicing the white-cubicle industries, this is where the action is. Safety
issues? GSA will be delighted to cut you a deal! ->K]

+ GSA - Urban Information Peacekeeping

Global Security Alliance is proud to announce its new expanded security
campaign in cooperation with the City of Munich:
A public private partnership with the power to influence results!

GSA leads an alignment of covert information operations testing new forms of
risk perception management for urban areas. Strategic communication
operations win the hearts of the population through a rich spectrum of new
technologies and conventional information dominance solutions:

- Black Helicopters under Munich

A fleet of 12 Black Helicopters, as viewed from outer space, is deployed
according to statistical security data and conflict mapping. The GIS based
GSA operation introduces new psycho-geographic tactics of satellite imaging
into the battleground of a subjective security experience.

- Security Fest 2006

The Security Fest Munich disseminates highly contagious material on Mobile
Urban Screens for the popular imagination. The "Security look of the Year
Award" draws target populations into the new quest for security and leads up
to a highlight of any Security Fest: truck-mounted GSA PsyOps Soundsystems
performing a classical Peacekeeping Concert!

+ Security Fest Munich 23.09. 2006

-> 15:00 -22:00 Hours

| Sendlinger Tor Platz - Theater of Operations - Lat: 48.133 Lon: 11.567

-> 19:00h - 22:00 Hours

GSA  / http://www.global-security-alliance.com

Global Security Alliance provides a wide range of 21st century services for
transforming threat into opportunity. We customize and execute solutions for
our clients to help meet today's information peacekeeping and stability
operations challenges.

Info at global-security-alliance.com

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