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Tue Sep 19 20:56:42 CEST 2006

   Call for submissions for BIRDS EYE VIEW "Sounds and Silents" Event 

    BIRDS EYE VIEW is currently inviting submissions for "Sounds and
   Silents", a multimedia event planned for March 2007 as part of the
   Birds Eye View Film Festival 2007 taking place from 8^th-12^th March
   at the NFT and ICA during international womens week. We are looking
   for contemporary films made by women - either silent films or films
   with existing musical soundtracks which would be replaced by an
   original live soundtrack performed by leading musicians for the
   purposes of the "Sounds and Silents" event.

   Birds Eye View Sound & Silents 2005 was held at the NFT in partnership
   with the British Film Institute. Internationally renowned
   composer/pianist Joanna MacGregor worked with Shri Sriram (Badmarsh &
   Shri) and DJ Rita Ray to create stunning new soundtracks for a
   selection of silent short films, both contemporary and historical, by
   women directors.

   Please send any submissions to Natasha Jacoby, Birds Eye View (Ref:
   SAS), Unit 310A Aberdeen Centre, 22-24 Highbury Grove, London N5 2EA.
   Submissions will be accepted on all digital formats and on VHS. Or if
   the work is available to view online, please forward the link to
   [1]natashajacoby at hotmail.com. The deadline for submissions is Monday 9
   October 2006, but early submissions are appreciated.

   For more information on Birds Eye View and on the 2005 "Sounds and
   Silents" event, please take a look at our website



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