[artinfo] Invitation to Join AMP, the Artists' Meeting Place and Resource Collective

pluginamp pluginamp at gmail.com
Tue Sep 12 10:13:26 CEST 2006

Invitation to Join AMP

Every artist could use some help finding what they need, such as
collaborators, a support system, venues, places to sleep, tour
personnel, and many other resources. Artists locally and worldwide
need better ways to connect with both people and services. AMP, the
Artists Meeting Place and Resource Collective, is a physical and
virtual worldwide collective of over 1200 artists (including
musicians, painters, performers, and many more) in nearly 40 countries
networking together to build and support local and international
artists, create new art communities, and enhance those that already
exist. Oriented towards creating community, AMP is much more of an
OurSpace than it is like MySpace. AMP's two main goals are quick, easy
and useful creative connections, and a network of ways to make your
life easier, better, bigger, and more interesting. AMP can save you
money and time; expand your creative network and the possibilities
that you can see for yourself; consolidate, organize, and clarify
information; and open doors that you never even knew existed.

Join AMP now - absolutely free! Just go to http://pluginamp.com, click
on any "plug in!" oval, and fill out the application form. Once you're
approved, you're in, and you can immediately begin to browse through
the members of the AMP community, contact those who interest you the
most, post your gigs, shows, and events in your blog and on AMP's
forums, enter into discussion boards with other AMP Members, upload
images, video, audio, and more. Plug in!

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