[artinfo] Call for Submissions – Art Projects for 2007/08 in Prague

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Tue Sep 12 10:39:14 CEST 2006

Call for Submissions ­ Art Project Proposals
for the gallery at Communication Space Skolska 28 and the
international art residency program Open Studios in Prague Dolní

Deadline for submission is October 20, 2006

Association DEAI/setkání has opened their annual call for
submissions for artistic projects intended for realization in the
gallery Školská 28 (situated in the center of Prague) and the
residency program Open Studios at Prague Dolní Počernice.

We are looking for projects to exhibit at Skolska 
28, a publicly- funded gallery in the center of Prague, known for exhibiting
alternative, experimental, and non-commercial artwork by both Czech
and foreign artists. It is closely linked with the art residency
program called Open Studios, which provides work space for art
residencies of one or several months. Project proposals may include a
residency as part of the realization of the project (though it is not
required). There are three studios available, situated in the
orangerie of a former castle, for the realization of projects that
require long-term preparation and studio space.

For more information about the activities and programs of Školská 28
and Open Studios visit:


Projects must take into account functional and technical limitations
of the space Školská 28.

Selection Committee

Projects will be recommended for acceptance by a selection committee
composed of professionals in the relevant field.


The selected project creator(s) will supply Školská 28 with support
for production and promotion, as required by the specific project,
and by mutual agreement.

Proposal Requirements

The concept must consist of a succinct description of the project,
data about completed projects by the submitter, visual or other
documentation, and appropriate letters of recommendation.

The closing date for submissions is October 20, 2006. Concepts can be
delivered in person Monday through Friday from 1 to 5 PM at this
address: DEAI/setkání (KP Školská 28), Dlouhá 33, 110 00 Praha 1.
Mark your submission with "Projects 2007".

You may consult with the curator of projects Dana Recmanová or Jan
Bartoš by e-mail or in person at Školské 28, 110 
00  Prague 1. E- mail: skolska28 at skolska28.cz; tel. (+420) 731 150 179.

Communication Space Školská 28 is operated by 
the association DEAI/ setkání in cooperation 
with the Linhart Foundation with the support
of the City of Prague. The exhibition program for the years 2005 and
2006 was produced with the financial support of the Ministry of
Culture of the Czech Republic.

Lloyd Dunn <ll at detritus.net>
Communication Space <http://skolska28.cz/>
Open Studios <http://openstudios.info/>

Školská 28, 110 00 Praha-1
Czech Republic

Lloyd Dunn - ll at detritus.net
Public Works - http://pwp.detritus.net/
Photostatic - http://psrf.detritus.net/

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