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   Flash Art   October Issue

   Who are t   Art provides some ideas. Two different polls-one according to ar   critics and curators, the other according to gallerists-reveal the ne   w stars. Lots of surprises are in sto   October is the month of choice for London art goers, the best    for fairs and shows, and    all.
   Our core theme for    In "Studio Visits   most active artis   Hugonnier, Mark Titchner   Plender, Pablo Bronstein a   The London market is generating a livel      inside look at the founders, their backgrounds and their take on the
   a   With another perspective on the art mark   for the Collecting column is devoted to Bri   Saatchi's   Certih Wyn Evans is a central figure in the London art scene, and here
   he    personal re   To close Focus London, Aaron Moult   glue guns, collaboration and Meatloaf as muse.
   The cover ar   with Luk Lambrecht about being Beligian and    worldview as a painter.
   In Los Angeles, Richa   of Sterling Ruby: "Combinations of performance-vi   drawings and collages, organic polyform ceramics and sta   sculptures have plumbed the dynamics of individual desire withi   societal constraints."
   He   Me / Out of Me. This is t   related to the exhibition now t   Center in New York to KW Institute   For aspiring curators seeking the a   feature provides a comparison of curatorial schools around the    world.
   This issue also includes Cityscape Chicago by Michael Workman and a
   travelogue of East Europe by Aaron Moulton.   Ouverture is dedicat   style="mso-bidi-font-style: normal">Global Art presents Matti
   Braun's theater work "Alie   reviews the Paul McCa   Stockholm.
   Group sho   "Legacies: Cont   Historical Society   Music" at the Museo de Ar   "Normalization: dedicated to Nikola Tes   and "Darkness Ascends" at the Museum for    Toronto.
   Solo show reviews include: Tomas   Justin Lowe, Bozidar Brazda, Aleja   Alexia Stamatiou, Edgar Bryan, Matthe   Kopystiansky, David Schnell, Mike Nelson, Sil   Lucas Arjemian, Roman Ondák, Lorna Macintyre,    Bartana, Marc Camille Chaimowicz, Charles Avery, Pet   Albarracín, Valdirlei Dias Nunes, Robert Lobe, Chung   Get your hands on a copy of the October issue of the world'   art magazine while supplies last.

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