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Mon Oct 2 13:42:57 CEST 2006


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Hello everyone!

Our new installation called Skyhooks, commissioned by the festival Happy 
New Ears is continuing until Oct 8 in Kortrijk, Belgium. Hope you can 
come and play!

Karmen and Yon 	

In Festival *Happy New Ears, *Kortrijk, Belgium. Sept. 23 --Oct. 8. 2006.

The sensation of bodies looming overhead, bigger and more active than 
strings and rubber-and-air balloons alone, an unseen landscape, vortex 
of resonators of unknown material. Grab on with Skyhooks, take a drag on 
the texture of the upside-down. Skyscape revealed, the handle clutched 
in your fist rubs against the invisible, and the rhythms of your feet 
are translated into movement through the air, orchestrated into the 
physics of levitating forms, surfaces, structures.

The balloon is your instrument. It is excited and guided by the secret 
bodies it lights upon. Body as balloon as interface, exciting invisible 
shapes overhead (and other balloons), heard (through the 
physically-modelled sounds of of balloon-form interactions), felt (from 
haptic feedback supplied by the balloon's handle), seen, and worn.

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