[artinfo] Tr: Akumb (The Club) and Utopiana present: Santa Lemusa Embassy

Anna Barseghian a-barseghian at utopiana.am
Thu Nov 16 14:46:18 CET 2006

>Santa Lemusa Embassy Presentation
>17, 21 Noyember / November 2006
>Akumb / The Club, Toumanian 40, Yerevan; tel: 531-36117 Nov, 21 Nov
>THE CLUB and Utopiana
>invite you to Santa Lemusa dinner by Samuel Herzog (Switzerland)
>If anyone tells you that they have been to Santa Lemusa, they are exaggerating a bit. 
>The only way you can get to know this country, which by the way does not exist, is by "visiting" Santa Lemusan Embassies. It is a unique experience, unbelievable culinary adventure in a non-existing world. 
>On November 17 you are invited to the opening of Santa Lemusan Embassy in Yerevan, Armenia. 
>If you miss it, you will not know what Santa Lemusa tastes like and you better have a good excuse when people ask you: "Where were you on the day Santa Lemusa opened its Embassy in Yerevan?"

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