[artinfo] Film screening and a public lecture by Swiss artist and curator Ursula Biemann

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Thu May 18 11:22:58 CEST 2006

Film screening and a public lecture by Swiss artist and curator  
Ursula Biemann

At the Central European University, Department of Gender Studies

Film Screening

Auditorium 2:30 p.m., Monday, 22 May, 2006

Performing the Border (1999, 43 min.)

Writing Desire (2000, 20 min.)

Europlex (2003, 20 min.)

Public Lecture

Border Videographies

4:00 p.m., Thursday, 25 May, 2006, Popper Room

Looking at excerpts of various video essays including her new work  
Black Sea Files, the artist's lecture raises the question of how  
border spaces constitute themselves through the movement of people.  
Her investigations focus is on gender issues around globalization,  
namely migration and borders and the female economies emerging under  
these conditions. The increased movement of people in the post-1991  
era and the management of these people through border mechanisms have  
become two interconnected and very explicit aspects of globalization  
processes. Entering clandestine, off-track and virtual spaces, Ursula  
Biemann's art practice visualizes a counter-geography and suggests  
ways in which artists may inscribe themselves in these symbolic and  
material spaces.

Ursula Biemann is an artist, theorist and curator who has in recent  
years produced a considerable and widely exhibited body of work on  
migration, mobility, technology and gender. In a series of video  
projects as well as in several books: "Been There and Back to  
Nowhere"(2000), "Geography and the Politics of Mobility"(2003) and  
"Stuff It" (2003), she has focused on the gendered dimension of  
migrant labour from smuggling on the Spanish-Moroccan border to  
migrant sex workers moving from the East to the West. www.geobodies.org

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