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Sun May 14 00:04:12 CEST 2006

Estonian Video Art. The blood project
Warsaw Artists Action, Warsaw, Poland
till May 27, 2006

! DOWNLOAD THE EXHIBITION CATALOGUE HERE >> estonianvideoart.moskva80.com

Participating artists
Külli K Kaats, Flo Kasearu, Gert Hatsukov, Tanja Muravskaja, Airi
Triisberg, Marko Nautras and Allan Tõnissoo.

Curated by Rael Artel for Warsaw Artists Action

In the globalized world nationality no longer bears the crucial importance
than the modern view of the world supposes. For this reason the central
idea of the exhibition "Estonian Video Art. The Blood Project" in the end
became to be the question about the position of a young Eastern European
artist in the (art) world around him/her. Idea-wise this is a very
intricate exhibition, starting to branch out from such keywords as
'Estonia' and 'art' and reaching ? the question of valuing/devaluing
national identity, the analyze of the relationship between an
artist/citizen from a peripheral small country and united Europe, the
question of purity of blood and preserving one's national identity, the
definition of the relationship between the citizen and the symbols of the
country, the question of the life force of national art. Expectations and
compromises, money and power and opportunities, symbolic capital and blood
relations ? these are the main keywords the exhibition "Estonian Video
Art. The Blood Project" is trying to deal with.

"Estonian Video Art. The blood project" has been realized in the
collaboration of E-transit and Karolina Labowicz-Dymanus and Rael Artel
Gallery: Non-Profit Project Space.

The realisation of the project is supported by Estonian Cultural
Endowment, Centre for Contemporary Art Estonia and SEKCJA Magazine.

Freely downloadable exhibition catalogue is available online in
Edited by Karolina Labowicz-Dymanus and Rael Artel

WAA - Warsaw Artists Action
Ul. Kozia 3/5m.26, Warszawa

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Rael Artel
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