[artinfo] The Manifesta Decade

Geert Lovink geert at xs4all.nl
Sun May 14 00:29:35 CEST 2006

>Roomade and the International Foundation Manifesta are pleased to 
>announce the publication The Manifesta Decade: Debates on 
>Contemporary Art Exhibitions and Biennials in Post- Wall Europe. 
>This mutual publication is a result of a three years collaboration 
>between Roomade and The International Foundation and includes 
>essays, critical debates and a view of the historical material from 
>the Manifesta archives, the public accessible archives at Manifesta 
>at Home in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
>  Editors Barbara Vanderlinden and Elena Filipovic focused on the 
>mechanisms of contemporary art biennials and international 
>exhibitions at a moment when contemporary art biennials  in Europe 
>and the world continue to proliferate and few critical studies 
>examining their mechanisms exist. The Manifesta Decade takes 
>Manifesta, the first itinerant European biennial for contemporary 
>art, as a case study but also explores the broader, post-wall 
>landscape from which it emerged. The varied contributions to the 
>anthology treat the effects of communism's collapse on Eastern 
>Europe, the role of international perennial exhibitions in the 
>context of globalization, the complex definitions of "Europe," and 
>the history of exhibitions attempting to address these shifts. The 
>result is a complex picture of Europe and its exhibition paradigms 
>at the end of the twentieth and the beginning of the twenty-first 
>  The International Foundation Manifesta will organize in the run of 
>2006 a series of Book launches not only  in the former Manifesta 
>Host Cities but also on different international locations such as: 
>Rotterdam, Luxembourg, Ljubljana, Frankfurt and San Sebastian. 
>Please check the Manifesta website (www.manifesta.org) for more 
>concrete data.
>  The Manifesta Network program, an initiative of the International 
>Foundation Manifesta, Amsterdam, has commissioned this publication. 
>The Manifesta Network Program is a multi-faceted resource and 
>research program, encompassing the Manifesta Biennial exhibition, 
>the Manifesta Journal, the Manifesta Coffee Breaks, and the 
>Manifesta publications.
>  The European Commission's Culture 2000 program amongst others is 
>funding the Manifesta Contemporary Art Network.
>  Roomade in Brussels acts as the publisher of this book and The MIT 
>Press is in charge of the distribution, so if your local bookshops, 
>libraries, or institutions have inquiries, you can direct them to: 
>http://mitpress.mit.edu/0262220768 or Barbara Vanderlinden at 
>barbara at roomade.org
>  In the meantime, we would like to make arrangements for getting 
>your copy of the book to you. Please send a current address to 
>barbara at roomade.org and we will have it sent to you shortly.
>  Yours,
>  Hedwig Fijen
>Director Manifesta Foundation, Amsterdam
>  Barbara Vanderlinden,
>Director Roomade, Brussels

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