[artinfo] threadcloud call for contribution

jake elliott racter at gmail.com
Wed May 10 22:40:41 CEST 2006

this is an open call to contribute to threadcloud at http://threadcloud.info

===about threadcloud===

threadcloud is social artware for collective curatorial activity in
distributed space. the project is developed by 03 skripty kittenz in
chicago: jake elliott + tamas kemenczy + siobhan renfroe. it is part
of the [FRAY] series of events hosted by the dept. of Film, Video and
New Media at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

:the threadcloud system is split into 02 components:

01: artcloud (web application front-end)
anyone can access the artcloud at threadcloud.info and anonymously
submit links to digital artworks. the artcloud enables users to
describe artworks that have been submitted + descriptively connect
them with one another.

02: threadcrab (grid gallery)
the grid gallery is the presentation layer for threadcloud. it is
operated by an automatic software preparator named threadcrab, who
accesses sites with forum or comment functionality (aka blogs,
livejournals and online message boards), and installs references to
the artwork along with tags, descriptions and relationships drawn from
the artcloud's database.

:threadcloud is social artware:
threadcloud is an attempt at a self-reflexive + critical social
software platform presented as software art. threadcloud's criticality
w/r/t social software is articulated through its emphasis on
anonymity, it's avoidance of hierarchy, and its reliance on
unsolicited insertion into pre-existing, digitally-mediated
communities via the threadcrab.

===about fray===

[FRAY] is a series of interwoven events organized by the Film, Video
and New Media department (FVNM) at The School of the Art Institute of
Chicago (SAIC). [FRAY] is focussed on time, screen and code based
experimental New Media art. [FRAY] consists of the following
interrelated aspects: a conference, discussions and presentations,
screenings and clusters of projects running during the Spring 2006 semester.

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