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Denisa K denisakera at volny.cz
Mon May 8 22:37:41 CEST 2006

The International Centre for Art and New technologies http://www.CIANT.cz 
from Prague is organizing
three intensive training sessions
in June and July 2006 - http://transistor.ciant.cz.

TransISTor 2 focuses on the emerging, specifically computer games related 
technologies while opening up their creative potential also for non-gaming 
storytelling domains, including cinema, TV, educational applications and 
cross-media productions.
Among others:

Art-director and concept designer for Half-Life 2, the project that 
according to BBC news has elevated gaming into an art form.
Winner of the Visual Effects Society award.
Designer for the successful animation feature Renaissance, a futuristic 
that is winning lots of acclaim and praise in festivals all over the world.
Viktor is currently working on an illustrated novel, The Colony,
and is a visiting design instructor at the Baden-Wuerttemberg Film Academy.

Artist and Creator working with machinima and short moviemaking.
Editor of the machinima magazine and a member of the Ars Electronica 

Professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology, holds the Wesley Chair in 
New Media
and is the Co-Director of the Wesley Center for New Media Research and 
Author of internationally acclaimed books on computers, literacy, and 
His current research focuses on issues of augmented reality and dramatic 
experiences, digital art and design.

Apply now for one or all three of the TransISTor
2006 sessions:

3D virtual environments, game creation and storytelling
13. - 16. June, Prague.

Motion capture techniques for 3D games
03. - 06. July, Karlovy Vary - during the International Film Festival

Simulation in 3D games (Physics, AI and AL)
07. - 10. July, Prague.

Price per session: ? 400 (freelancer) / ? 800(corporate)

The price includes training, didactic materials and subsistence.
Scholarships are available through the organiser CIANT - International 
Centre for Art and New Technologies transistor at ciant.cz
and the MEDIA desk offices in the participants` home country.
In case you need further assistance with the funding, please contact us.
We strongly encourage applications from women and members of minority 


If you are interested in getting our printed flyers please inform me ASAP!

Thank you!

TransISTor is generously supported by the MEDIA Programme of the European 
In cooperation with FAMU - Film and TV Faculty of the Academy of Performing 
Arts in Prague


CIANT - International Centre for Art and New Technologies
Kubelíkova 27, 130 00 Prague Czech Republic
Tel.: +42 (0) 296 330 965
Fax: +42 (0) 296 330 964
e-mail: transistor at ciant.cz
URL: http://transistor.ciant.cz
Please register on our website to receive future updates.

Denisa KERA
vProject manager for TransISTor 

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