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ArtLAB_San Servolo artist residency


  Provincia di Venezia / San Servolo Servizi

ArtLAB_San Servolo artist residency
Venice, August 7th-31st 2006

Deadline June 25th 2006

Send applications to:
San Servolo Servizi
Isola di San Servolo
30124 Venezia Italia
artlab at provincia.venezia.it

artLAB_San Servolo artist residency is a residency programme that 
takes place on the Island of San Servolo in Venice during the month 
of August, open to 10 visual artists from Italy and abroad who are in 
the initial phase of their careers. The programme offers 
participating artists room and board on the island, studio spaces, 
and the budget to create an original work.

The residency is intended to create a space for dialogue and 
professional growth for emerging artists from various geographical 
areas and with different artistic approaches, enabling them to create 
projects specifically in response to the experience of group 
exchange. The projects are developed individually by each artist, but 
the initiative is particularly focussed on the collective experience 
that runs throughout all the phases of the residency, from discussion 
on the residency theme, to the creation of the projects, to the 
organisation of the final exhibition. Another fundamental aspect of 
the programme is the attention given to the historical, social, and 
natural context provided by the residency location.

The works created will be shown in an exhibition that will take place 
on the island in October, concurrently with the Venice International 
Biennial Exhibition of Architecture, and will be accompanied by a catalogue.
The working language of the residency is English.

Island of San Servolo

Situated in the Basin of San Marco and featuring a complex of 
historical buildings and a large park, the Island of San Servolo was 
the seat of a monastery for over a thousand years. For two hundred 
years it hosted the Province of Venice insane asylum, which was shut 
down in 1978 along with all the mental hospitals in Italy.

Rehabilitated by the Province of Venice, which is committed to 
restoring and returning the island to the city of Venice, today San 
Servolo is the seat of prominent institutions for advanced study and 
training as well as for the promotion of cultural events.

Sponsoring organisations

artLAB_San Servolo artist residency is a programme promoted by San 
Servolo Servizi in collaboration with the Province of Venice and the 
following institutions: Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, Fondazione 
Querini Stampalia, Venice International University, the Faculty of 
Arts&Design at the IUAV University of Venice, the Venice Academy of 
Fine Arts, the Abate Zanetti School for Glass of Murano, European 
Association Pro Venetia Viva.

Further information and application form can be found at 
For any question please write to artlab at provincia.venezia.it

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