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is a new media art project & initiative by Agricola de Cologne
to be realised within the framework of
[NewMediaArtProjectNetwork]:||cologne - http://www.nmartproject.net/ ,
aimed to feature media art in and from Cologne in a global context.

As an initial act, *Media/Art/Cologne* starts during the preparation phase
until its launch in September/October 2006
a survey on the question *"what is media art?"*
as a basis for a broader discussion on media art related issues,
and invites people interested in or dealing with contemporary art ,
respectively media art for reflecting about this issue and
giving a substancial statement as an answer on this question.

*What is media art?*

There is certainly no question that "media art" is art,
and it seems to be also clear that it represents a branch of contemporary art,
as it entered this field not too long time ago only.
What might media mean in connection with art. Art itself is a medium,
and it is also defined through other media like painting, sculpture, 
drawing, etc.
But the general use of the term /media/ is rather connected to
video, film, television, magazines and newspapers, the Internet etc,
and not to forget New Media, so that one may take for granted
that *"media art"* might be rather related to these new typs of media than
to the other classical artmedia. "Media art" might also describe a field of art
which is including and combining different media and disciplines. & disciplines
What is the difference between "media  art" and "non-media art"?
Sometimes, *"media art"* is reduced to certain media like video.
Is "*media art"* just a label? And for what?
While observing how the term "*media art"* is used not only in the artscene,
it becomes obvious, there does not exist a binding definition,
but rather a kind of Babylonian confusion pointing to a wide range of different
and even contradictory approaches, opinions, explanations and statements.
For starting a project about media art its seems to be therefore necessary
to create a common basis for a discussion with a wider audience first.
And therefore here again the question : *What is media art?*

Please give your statement (of any length) as an answer on this question
and send it together with a short personal profil (bio, not more than 
100 words)
by using the comment form on
or send it as plain email to info at mediaartcologne.org
subject: *What is media art?* -

Deadline: ongoing until October 2006

All serious answers will be posted on this page immediately

Thanks in advance!
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