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Fri Mar 31 00:41:03 CEST 2006

New Media in Mexico City
a panel discussion with: Eusebio Bañuelos, Arcángel Constantini and  
Mario de Vega
on Wednesday 2006.04.05 4:30 PM
[FRAY] - Film, Video and New Media Department
The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
112 S Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL 60603

New Media in Mexico City, a panel discussion with Mexico City based  
curators and organizers Eusebio Bañuelos (Video artist and Moving  
Image curator at The CENTRO MULTIMEDIA), Arcángel Constantini (Net  
Art, Web Art and New Media curator, organizer and artist) and Mario  
de Vega (New Media, Sound artist and musician). Join us to hear from  
and engage in conversation with hese accomplished and active young  
curators and learn about the dynamic and very different ways in which  
New Media manifests in Mexico City!

* Eusebio Bañuelos is the Moving Image and Video curator at The  
CENTRO MULTIMEDIA (the Multimedia Center) in Mexico City. The CENTRO  
MULTIMEDIA is a major hub of New Media arts in Mexico City if not the  
premier venue and institution for New Media art.

* Arcángel Constantini curates Net Art, Web Art and New Media  
projects and is the director of the encuentros efimeros (ephemeral  
encounter) project. Constantini also curates the inmerso cyberlounge  
museo tamayo (cyberlounge museum tamayo) space for New Media, Net Art  
and Sound projects. As an artist, Constantini is a part of the  
internally recognized New Media collectives and collaboratives  
hell.com, no-such.com and khora.org.

* Mario de Vega is a New Media and Sound artist working  
collaboratively in the f4rm project. Mario de Vega is based in Mexico  
City and has participated widely in international digital arts events  
such as the OPEN AIR - A RADIOTOPIA project at ARS ELECTRONICA  
FESTIVAL 2002 and mutek.

* (A) MEXICAN r4WB1t5 macro.Fest brings these artists, organizers and  
curators and 6 of their peers from Mexico City to Chicago to  
organize, participate and perform these decentralized events. This  
r4WB1t5 macro.Fest runs for 4 days from THURSDAY 2006.04.06 until  
SUNDAY 2006.04.09 in 4 spaces. The CHI-TOWN ARENA (a Mexican  
wrestling venue in Pilsen), EN3MY (Chicago's most recent art space  
dedicated to sound and art in Wicker Park), BUSKER (audio/visual  
projects and new media programming in East Village) and POLVO  
(Pilsen's alternative art space) will all host individual micro.Fests  
on each day of the expanded macro.Fest. These free and open events  
are organized and curated by Eusebio Bañuelos, Arcángel Constantini,  
David Somellera, Rogelio Sosa and Mario de Vega from Mexico City and  
facilitated in Chicago by Amanda Gutierrez, jon.satrom and jonCates.

* [FRAY]
The New Media in Mexico City panel discussion is a part of the  
distributed [FRAY] New Media series in the Film, Video and New Media  
Department at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

* Upcoming [FRAY] screening at Conversations at the Edge:
Thursday 2006.05.04 @ 6:00 PM CALCULATIONS: Pioneers of Computer  

* Upcoming [FRAY] Conference in the Department of Film, Video and New  
Saturday, 2006.05.13 @ 2:00 - 6:00 PM Discussions with Annette  
Barbier (UNREAL-ESTATES and Interactive Arts and Media Department  
Columbia College), Ryan Griffis (The Temporary Travel Office,  
YOUgenics and The School of Art & Design University of Illinois at  
Champaign Urbana), Mark Hansen (Professor in English Language &  
Literature, Cinema & Media Studies; University of Chicago), Lynn  
Marie Kirby (California College of the Arts), PILOT TV, Rob Ray  
(DEADTECH and dorkbot Chicago), Lincoln Schatz (OPEN-NODE and The  
Upgrade! Chicago) and Daniel Tucker (AREA Chicago).

* Links:

Eusebio Bañuelos: http://www.cnca.gob.mx/cmm
Arcángel Constantini: http://www.infomera.net
inmerso cyberlounge museo tamayo: http://www.museotamayo.org/inmerso
hell.com: http:/www.hell.com
no-such.com: http:/www.no-such.com
khora.org: http:/www.khora.org
Mario de Vega: http://www.f4rm.org
(A) MEXICAN r4WB1t5 macro.Fest: http://r4wb1t5.org/2006.04.05-2006.04.08
[FRAY]: http://fvnm.info/fray
Conversations at the Edge: http://fvnm.info/cate.html
Gene Siskel Film Center: http://www.artic.edu/webspaces/ 
Video Data Bank: http://www.vdb.org

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