[artinfo] Re: Artists Lick Curators Ass

Simon Biggs simon at littlepig.org.uk
Wed Mar 29 13:48:53 CEST 2006

Robbin's observation that new media art curators are unable to address
current art discourse cuts straight to the chase. Forever new media artists
have complained that current art curators are unable to curate new media
art. Now we have the inverse observation. How do we bridge this gap? Is it
possible? Is it desirable? Whose arses taste better anyway?



On 27.03.06 11:00, Murphy wrote:

>  The ass-licking video seems to have been edited since I first saw it
>  and is better for it.  He's totally within the current art discourse
>  that deals with the work of Paul McCarthy and Andrea Fraser, something
>  new media curators don't seem to be able to deal with because, well,
>  they seem to think they can be art curators without addressing current
>  art discourse.

Simon Biggs

simon at littlepig.org.uk

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