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Tue Mar 21 14:49:58 CET 2006

The english version of Digimag 12, Italian monthly magazine of digital
culture and electronic arts, is available online.


[Interviews]:  Chris Allen - The Light Surgeon, Suguru Goto, WJ-s 
project, Boris Muller, Loren Chasse, Qubogas, Mikrosolke

[Featuring]:   Report Transmediale 06, Second Life, Seamless 2.0, 
Art.Exe, William Kentridge, The Dumpster, Robert Lapage, La Fura dels 
Baus, Transmodal Intuition, Inviting Horror

[Themes]:  To cure with video art, Live Djset Vs Studio Vjset, 
Regional innovaion systems

[Cover]:  Arianna D'Angelica

[Artwork]:  TeZ

[Translations]: Giulia Artioli, Ian Bolton, Micaela Genchi, Ornella 
Pesenti, Camilla Serri






Digicult is based on a daily updated web portal and a monthly magazine
regarding the following topics:

- Net Art
- Hacktivism
- Software Art
- Video Art
- Electronica
- Audiovideo
- Performing Art
- Artificial Intelligence
- Interaction Design
- New Media

The Digicult project is based on the active participation of professionals
who are active in the fields of culture and digital and electronic arts.
Each professional is furthermore involved in a web community composed by
other professionals, artists or just enthusiasts interested in the specific
topics dealt with by Digicult. The large number of these - including a
Digicult internal community - forms a great number of digital associations,
which are kept constantly updated on all activities concerning live events,
news and media partnerships by the monthly issue of Digimag magazine. Every
community is called on to actively participate with people who are directly
involved in each project.


Digicult is an italian network of almost 30 contributors and 10 huge italian
communities and projects collaborating to the magazine and the portal at
large; some of the best italian journalists, curators, critics of the
growing new media culture in Italy.

///Editorial Staff

- Marco Mancuso - concept, editing, coordination and design

- Arianna D'Angelica - photo editing, covers and photos


- Riccardo Vescovo - web magazine design

- Luca Pertegato - web portal design

- Luca Restifo - programming


- Luigi Pagliarini - Artificial Intelligence

- Tatiana Bazzichelli - Hacktivism e Net Art

- Gianluca Del Gobbo - Audiovideo

- Bertram Niessen - Audiovideo

- Teresa De Feo - Interaction and Artificial Intelligence

- Miriam Petruzzelli - Interaction and New Media

- Luigi Ghezzi - New Media and Artificial Intelligence

- Giulia Baldi - Electronica

- Simona Brusa - Interaction

- Alex Dandi - Electronica

- Simone Bertuzzi - Electronica

- Domenico Quaranta - Software Art

- Maria Molinari - Hacktivism

- Leo Learchi - Electronica

- Lorenzo Tripodi - New Media

- Massimo Schiavoni - Performing Art

- Mariangela Scalzi - Interaction

- Monica Ponzini - Video Art

- Domenico Sciajno - Audiovideo and Electronica

- Valentina Tanni - Software art and Net Art

- Annamaria Manteverdi - Performing Art

- Motor - Artificial Intelligence and Interaction

- Isabella Depanis - Video Art

- Tiziana Gemin - I.A. and New Media

- Beatrice Ferrario - Net Art and Hacktivism

- Maria Rita Silvestri - New Media

- Fabio Franchino - Software Art

- Lucrezia Cippitelli - Hacktivism and Net Art

- Alessandra Migani - Video Art and New Media

- Sarah Nussenblatt - New Media

- Matteo Traversari - Interaction

- Luca Bergero - Sound Art

- Marco Cadioli - New Media

- Silvia Bianchi - Audiovideo

- Elena Vairani - Audiovideo


- Giulia Artioli

- Ian Bolton

- Micaela Genchi

- Ornella Pesenti

- Camilla Serri

- Mariacristina Virgilio


Marco Mancuso
Director - Digicult Produzioni
Ripa di Porta Ticinese 39
20143  Milan - Italy
Mob. +39.340.8371816
<mailto:info at digicult.it>info at digicult.it

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