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Tue Mar 21 13:24:46 CET 2006

Artwork excapes from the exhibition

On the evening of February the 7th 2006, during the
opening at Massimo De Carlo Art Gallery, in Milan, an
artwork by the Austrian artists Gelitin mysteriously
disappeared. It's a small pink rabbit made of wool and
straw. The following letter finally reveals the mystery.


March 15th, 2006

Dear Gelitin, Massimo De Carlo and Flavio Albanese,

It's me, Rabbit. First I want to let you know I'm
well; nobody hurt me. I escaped voluntarily, with the
help of Alice.

If my sudden escape worried you than I'm sorry. But
you know, since the moment I became Art I started
getting really bored. Ok, I'm worth a lot, but I
expected something different. I thought I'd be admired
and appreciated, but all the attention is actually for
you dealers, collectors and artists. People come to my
exhibitions just to meet each other and to see who's
there. Nobody really cares about me.

Moreover I was living in a bell jar. I was not allowed
to do anything; only stay there between other "Works
of Art" like me. You'd think being Contemporary Art
would be all sex, drugs and rock'n'roll, but I just
felt like an ornament!

Maybe it was crazy, but try to understand; when I met
Alice, coming from the real world, I started recalling
how life was before being Art, and I couldn't resist,
I escaped.

After all, it was you who showed me that a Work of Art
is not a mere object, but rather the attention built
around it. Who knows, maybe by disappearing I'll get

Now I'm free. Of course it's more risky; out here I'm
not worth much, but I feel alive and have real
emotions! Unpredictable things happen here, and you
meet people who do and say what they want, without
trying to turn everything into Art.

But let's be honest, it's not a bed of roses out here.
Life is tough. Having given up my Art privileges now I
must earn a living, and it's not that easy. Without
you guys convincing the people, nobody believes I am
Art, they mistake me as an ordinary rabbit.

So I decided to come back. But before I do I'd like
you to do something for me: publish this photo of
mine, for my act to be remembered.


Well, I'm sorry but now I must leave, Alice wants to
play. Remember, I'll be back only once I see my photo

And in case I don't see you, good afternoon, good
evening, and good night!


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